Monday, May 31, 2010

The best applications for the IPAD

Hermès Jean Paul Gaultier leaves

One that comes to another one gone, Jean Paul Gaultier announced last week Hermès fashion house where he has been working for the past seven years.


The designer responsible for creating his latest collection of face to October for the shows in Paris and then focus squarely on the brand that bears his own name, Jean Paul Gaultier, and precisely Hermès has a total of 45 % of the shares.

This is not entirely dissociated from the French house, though Hermès and has endeavored to find a decent, though not as historic, substitute.

Christophe Lemaire,
who currently is responsible for the design of Lacoste and has been able to revitalize the brand in recent years, Gaultier will substitute, so luxury and sophistication you're still guaranteed.

Sarah Burton replaces Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, that creator to which the press dubbed for years as the enfant terrible of fashion, left us last February without a line orphans and as bold as yours to cling to. Now, months after his death, his name fashion house namesake, Alexander McQueen, and has new creative designer.

Sarah Burton,
who was McQueen's right hand for over fourteen years, is responsible for making his relief.

It has in the last parade of the brand, we showed the posthumous collection of McQueen and she oversaw one by one the details of the parade so that all come out as Alexander would have wanted.

But now exercise their own right, as announced Jonathan Akeroyd, President Alexander McQueen brand, but the spirit of the late creator remain in the house while she is in charge.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Salmon and avocado

A combination that you should not missed is this recipe for salmon with the avocado sauce flavored with orange. This salmon species can serve as an excellent appetizer to conquer the people.


Prepare the salsa of avocado, peel and trocéalo, put it in the bowl of a blender with the parsley, orange peel, the spice of your choice along with tomato, peeled and chopped .. Milled down to a cream and then add chopped spring onions and a little olive oil, you will crush it completely so that adds flavor without texture.

Once you have lots of salmon, aderézalo with the spice mixture on both sides, pressing for are impregnated into the flesh of salmon and uses salt to taste. If you've decided to salt the sauce does not need to do it with fish.

Put a frying pan with a few drops of olive oil, when hot, mark the salmon on both sides, ensuring that the center is well done and juicy little. When you reach this point remove from heat.

Put in one tablespoon teaspoons avocado sauce, served on her spicy salmon, Coronal red cabbage shoots and ends with a string of extra virgin olive oil.

A computer can not

At just 4.8 inch screen, this miniature has little to envy equipment categories as ranges estimated above.


It features an Intel Atom Z530 which runs at about repute 1.6 GHz, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage, steps that normally occupy larger size equipment.

Most impressive is that this Chinese company has even to run Windows XP on this computer. Despite the very small component of all the price is not so and this is where the competition becomes fierce, and that costs around $ 300 which puts it at the level of one netbooks with increased functionality and efficient.

Although an eccentric traveler can find this option attractive, the truth is that if you do not have small fingers can not even write his name with the keyboard. And if the other side is accustomed to the big screen, this will be a huge problem that does not make much sense today when the mobile fulfill similar functions, if one wants to read the mail or check the news.

A blogger accused of using his image Zara


Luce garments designed by Zara as anyone and there, amid an enviable beauty and photogenic, has become one of the fashion icons of the Internet. Betty Autier of inspires thousands of young people who want to dress and now it looks like it also for the Spanish brand.

And is that the chain of Amancio Ortega has designed a youth shirts she declares to be fully based on a photograph that was made during a holiday that happened in Miami.

The truth is that the resemblance between the snapshot and the design is more than obvious, but Betty, but she is very upset, says he will take legal action because it would be too expensive.

The fashion house and personally apologized to the blogger but she encourages fairly veiled his followers to boycott the Spanish brand from their posts.

Karmen Pedaru: the face of fashion

Stay with your name, because it is quite likely that from now sounds everywhere. Pedaru Karmen, a young Estonian has become a rising star of fashion. The model was chosen in late 2009 as the Model of the Year by readers of Hello magazine and has demonstrated that they were not wrong because it never stops working on different campaigns.


With 178 cm high, 85 inches chest, 61 waist and 89 hips, Pedaru especially noted for his ability to adapt to any situation and style.

Has shown posing for cruise collections as diverse as 2009 or Dolce & Gabbana Jill Stuart collection for autumn and winter of 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Lately we have been challenged with its feline look from the cover of Teen Vogue and secure in the coming months, his face strained in any magazine or in any advertising campaign at the moment. I'll wager?

Luxury for all

One of the most popular websites today in regard to electronic commerce, has been selling all sorts of luxury items at affordable prices.


There are several sites dedicated to this new way to market good brands and is apparently booming. One of the outstanding advantages is that you can not only buy but to rent the items, that is, if you want to invest in a suit or a yacht you will also manage the income from them to the days when you need it.

The services include submission of articles and a frequent shopper membership in various categories that earn points redeemable in some cases for travel and overnight hotel.

The aim of these portals is to avoid the costs that represent local vip areas for these products. The difference is that being online can be played with certain banks that facilitate the way we do business.

With a simple Google search can find your favorite store.

20 years

How will we be in 20 years? The answer is very simple and will not have to imagine that face. Now a program you can easily download and edit a photo in which your current one, aged two decades, will give you the answer.


This hilarious and very realistic application does not have much science to the user. We will have to complete a short questionnaire that asks us if we are including drug and here the difference probéis recommend that both the response if, as for the answer and the remainder will provide a photograph through a load.

When you find yourself able to ask if you can do something to avoid the results. That it will be subject to a forthcoming article to suggest others follow our health and beauty tips that appear in that will help in large measure to counteract the effects of time.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wine Adventure Amaya Arzuaga

Amaya Arzuaga is not enough to succeed in the fashion world, both nationally and internationally, now takes his role as wine business to sell for their own Ribera de Duero.


The popular designer has ventured into the world of wine with a vintage floral bright red and has triumphed in New York.

The experts have given the body of this wine Burgos has surprised all and sundry with his full knowledge of the wine world, which also has a fantastic source deminación Ribera del Duero.

And that comes from her family because her father created around the year 90 wineries Arzuaga-Navarra, which is one of the most successful in the market. But Anderson did not decide to make your own wine until 2009 when he sold a print run of 4,000 bottles. Now, is involved in the preparation of its second vintage.

Think Up close Mango

Mango has been forced to cancel Think Up. The basic clothing line, economic and solidarity of the second largest clothing chain from Spain, closes his career after a couple of months after its introduction as it has not become popular among the public.


Think Up was born as a remedy to the low purchasing generated in the shops by the crisis. Thus, with prices much lower than usual and also the benefits of which would go to encourage support for underdeveloped countries. In this line we could find items from 4 euros, something incredible at this point.

Still, the low amount of sales of these brands has been the only reason for the withdrawal from the Mango stores.

Thus, the retailer will focus exclusively on their traditional clothing line.

Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is usually not a disease, though common in recent years the numbers have apparently increased in some countries.


This type of cancer mainly affects the skin and tissues of the penis. Increases in total figures of men with the disease increased by more than 2% compared to previous years in Latin America.

The recovery or the chances of cure depend mainly on the choice of appropriate treatment in relation to the stage that is the development of this cancer and general health.

The most important thing is to go to a specialist for any discomfort or reaction that we observe, as well as other signs that may occur, such as blemishes, moles, rashes or different states other than normal. It is also important to consider the health and care of the intimate area with great dedication.

Shameless cleavages

The concern of wearing a beautiful breasts seem to affect more than one woman. If we want a healthy breasts and under optimum conditions, we can take note of those specific treatment that will give you firmness.


Before hand to consult with both specialist and with the same protagonists, the first recommendation assumes that the task is not easy. Breasts are sensitive to changes in each stage of life so that they can not anticipate being one of the worst mistakes.

Choose a weight commensurate with your ability to muscle and stretch arms forward and lift them slowly and then lower them slowly, repeating this action 15 times every day.

Another exercise is to take the hands to the chest until you feel the contraction of the pectoral muscle. You may also be holding a ball and repetition is 50 times daily.

Other alternatives are made by expert massage firming, hydrating creams the area of the nipple and areola. Remember that the position is one of the greatest enemies if it is not appropriate. When you bathe your breasts wet with cold water before leaving the shower and once you choose to view a bra that fits the shape of your body, without being too tight or excessively loose.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Interview, accused of racist

Interview Magazine is in the spotlight. And especially since the famous top model Daria star in a controversial fashion editorial in the magazine.


The model poses under the title Let's get lost among a tangle of bodies of color, thereby giving rise to the photographer who made the meeting, Mikael Jansson, and stylist who has worked with him, Karl Templer, have been charged racist snapshots.

Apparently some people have felt offended because they see images that stereotype that white people go to the people of color as exotic and strange.

The network has collapsed messages criticizing the shoot as being racist, but certainly is very risky to say looking at these images that we assume they did not have this intention in creation.

It is not the first time that fashion is involved in a similar controversy. Just remember that ad campaign for D & G branded as sexist.

U.S. girls, the prettiest according to Swedish

We have spent decades envying height, porcelain skin and blonde hair of the Nordic, and it turns out that they would like to be like us. At least that's what we can draw from a survey conducted in Stockholm in which the Spanish we rise with the bronze medal to the most beautiful around the world and are the first if we focus exclusively on Europe.


The first of the list are U.S. girls who follow the Brazilian could not miss in a ranking of the most beautiful in the world. Then the Spanish we rose to the third position and we are the Australian, Italian and Swedish women.

The German and Russian, which will sweep the Latin countries, they have one of the last positions in this ranking proves once again that we like just the opposite to what we have.

Fashion 2010 Women's shirts

Camisas Mujer

The 2010 Women's fashion shirts brings us the following: the classic shirts women remains the inevitable white shirt, worn easier for informal occasions or super elegant for special outings. So if you bet the white shirt always be well dressed.

Also, continue using the typical shirt collar and cuffs, similar to men's shirts but longer and notched.

Trend reappears as the hippie type shirt, long half of the leg, as in the '60s, even to the knee, which may be worn loose or putting on a belt outside.

The most elegant women's shirts with the sleeves are worked, bonds or cleavage of different styles.

As for fashion colors for 2010, in the northern hemisphere for winter fashion are classic colors: gray, black, white or red, although there are women shirts in all shades of colors.

As for the colors of women's clothes fashion for summer 2010 in the southern hemisphere are full of energy and see yellow, orange, red and stamped with different combinations.