Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion 2010 Women's shirts

Camisas Mujer

The 2010 Women's fashion shirts brings us the following: the classic shirts women remains the inevitable white shirt, worn easier for informal occasions or super elegant for special outings. So if you bet the white shirt always be well dressed.

Also, continue using the typical shirt collar and cuffs, similar to men's shirts but longer and notched.

Trend reappears as the hippie type shirt, long half of the leg, as in the '60s, even to the knee, which may be worn loose or putting on a belt outside.

The most elegant women's shirts with the sleeves are worked, bonds or cleavage of different styles.

As for fashion colors for 2010, in the northern hemisphere for winter fashion are classic colors: gray, black, white or red, although there are women shirts in all shades of colors.

As for the colors of women's clothes fashion for summer 2010 in the southern hemisphere are full of energy and see yellow, orange, red and stamped with different combinations.

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