Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Interview, accused of racist

Interview Magazine is in the spotlight. And especially since the famous top model Daria star in a controversial fashion editorial in the magazine.


The model poses under the title Let's get lost among a tangle of bodies of color, thereby giving rise to the photographer who made the meeting, Mikael Jansson, and stylist who has worked with him, Karl Templer, have been charged racist snapshots.

Apparently some people have felt offended because they see images that stereotype that white people go to the people of color as exotic and strange.

The network has collapsed messages criticizing the shoot as being racist, but certainly is very risky to say looking at these images that we assume they did not have this intention in creation.

It is not the first time that fashion is involved in a similar controversy. Just remember that ad campaign for D & G branded as sexist.

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