Friday, May 28, 2010

Salmon and avocado

A combination that you should not missed is this recipe for salmon with the avocado sauce flavored with orange. This salmon species can serve as an excellent appetizer to conquer the people.


Prepare the salsa of avocado, peel and trocéalo, put it in the bowl of a blender with the parsley, orange peel, the spice of your choice along with tomato, peeled and chopped .. Milled down to a cream and then add chopped spring onions and a little olive oil, you will crush it completely so that adds flavor without texture.

Once you have lots of salmon, aderézalo with the spice mixture on both sides, pressing for are impregnated into the flesh of salmon and uses salt to taste. If you've decided to salt the sauce does not need to do it with fish.

Put a frying pan with a few drops of olive oil, when hot, mark the salmon on both sides, ensuring that the center is well done and juicy little. When you reach this point remove from heat.

Put in one tablespoon teaspoons avocado sauce, served on her spicy salmon, Coronal red cabbage shoots and ends with a string of extra virgin olive oil.

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