Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shameless cleavages

The concern of wearing a beautiful breasts seem to affect more than one woman. If we want a healthy breasts and under optimum conditions, we can take note of those specific treatment that will give you firmness.


Before hand to consult with both specialist and with the same protagonists, the first recommendation assumes that the task is not easy. Breasts are sensitive to changes in each stage of life so that they can not anticipate being one of the worst mistakes.

Choose a weight commensurate with your ability to muscle and stretch arms forward and lift them slowly and then lower them slowly, repeating this action 15 times every day.

Another exercise is to take the hands to the chest until you feel the contraction of the pectoral muscle. You may also be holding a ball and repetition is 50 times daily.

Other alternatives are made by expert massage firming, hydrating creams the area of the nipple and areola. Remember that the position is one of the greatest enemies if it is not appropriate. When you bathe your breasts wet with cold water before leaving the shower and once you choose to view a bra that fits the shape of your body, without being too tight or excessively loose.

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