Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Sale, 2010

REBAJAS verano 2010

Finally, have already reached the sales of summer 2010!

Officially have already begun in Spain, though some communities have gone ahead and arriving a few days and days shopping at the best price, which is that in life there are many pleasures, and buy one of them and if it is a good price, bargain plan, so much the better, because the truth is most of it : P .

Planned as a girl I am and I have made my clothes and accessories I want to buy these discounts . Now it only remains for him!

And is that easy to get discounts for the rush and the deep discounts , right? To avoid losing your head and protect euros, here are these tips:

  • Make a list of items you really need, and sets the maximum amount you spend. Avoid spending more than necessary and buy things that will not use soon.
  • The basic rule, if you're going to put only once not buy it!
  • Do not get carried away by the rush. The burden and the pushing of the first days of sales can lead to impulse buying. Remember! Compare prices at several stores, and after the first cuts usually come the second, third ...
  • Take advantage of sales to buy clothes for the next season so for example you can buy different clothes for next winter at a price more affordable. And you can also get various items that are basic in any season.
  • The reductions must have the same guarantees and with the same policies for exchanges and returns, as long as not used the product-items purchased before this period.
  • Request information on refunds for change of size or other circumstances. This is a matter which depends solely on the policy of each trade and that they are not obliged to make but, in any case, if the item is faulty, the trader is required to change it.
  • Discounted products must offer equal quality at lower cost. Seasonal items must be in perfect condition. Reject items that do not meet the necessary health conditions, which are in poor condition or that violate security.
  • It is mandatory that the price tag appears twice (the old and thinning) or the percentage discount (often apply a minimum 20% discount on the price of high season and, usually, the discount increases progressively).

Happy SALES!

What's New Top Shop Fall / Winter 2010/2011


The English brand Top Shop, known among celebrities and mortals lets us see his progress on its website of the Autumn-Winter. In times where they do not have cuts everywhere, the shops, which are very naughty and you go a little bit of the new collection, all with the intention that piques something between discounted items.

What little he has left us to see that Top Shop is committed to autumnal colors like khaki and brown, jackets and duffle coat in the same tones, evening dresses and flowers for the day (as in all seasons), crop tees or belly shirts in the style and accessories noventero pulling a bit gothic style as they have done luxury jewelry firms such as the German Thomas Sabo.

Want to see a little more?

The style of Nicola Roberts


If you are faithful to the British press can you to know this girl, but simply blow your face you've seen it in a blog or journal. She is Nicola Roberts, an English dancer and singer came out of stealth by a TV game show.

Since I have cut and dyed her hair and changed the bubblegum pink lycra shirt kind of looks the other is going strong in England. Whether that is the image of Vivienne Westwood.

Only 25 years old, yes, like Florence Welch, the girl we spoke last week, looks older, but we will not talk about it but the keys to his style. Want to see?

Light sorbet recipes

Cenas para adelgazar

The sorbet is an ideal refreshment for these hot days. Get depressing (at least for a while) our body temperature, keeps us hydrated and also is a very light product, since for the most part is water .

But not everything can be advantages, I must inform you that also gives us a lot of sugar, too . Not suitable for dessert every day, but to take it from time to time, on the occasions when the heat and need to tighten cool.

And I also forget to say is incredible! Want to know more about the straw? Want to see some recipes to prepare at home?

The sorbet is located halfway between the slush and ice , this is a frozen dessert which contains no egg yolk or fat (hence its texture is more liquid).

It consists essentially of water (about 85%), making it ideal for dieters who want a drink. Do not add fat or cholesterol and is low in calories.

The straw also contains at least 15% fruit, so it brings many more vitamins than any other ice cream or polo. Of course, this does not exempt you from eating your five servings of fruit daily, but provides a supplement better than other soft drinks.

But as I said before, not all virtues. The amount of sugar in this dessert is excessive and therefore not suitable for diabetics or for people with high triglycerides. For healthy people, we must not abuse, but combine it with other less sugary drinks .

Cenas para adelgazar

Sorbet recipes

Make the sorbet at home is easy, because you can do at any time and with all kinds of fruit (and even including other ingredients such as tomatoes or coconut milk!). After you are saved and can be eaten any time of day.

In addition, replacing sugar with saccharin or aspartame, we can make the granita and sorbet also suitable for diabetics.

The classic sorbet is the lemon, but today I propose other three sorbets most original and also very rich.

1. Strawberry Sorbet


  • 500 g strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon orange juice
  • 6 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 4 mint leaves
  • 1 bag of small wafers


  1. Mix in the blender strawberries, orange juice, and sugar until dough is smooth.
  2. Divide the mixture into individual scoops.
  3. Drop them in the freezer until the sorbet texture.
  4. Garnish with mint leaves and served with waffles.

Blogs and fashion cocktail


Today I want to sing like Gurruchaga that journey with us, and therefore I have decided that the post of the week dedicated to my favorite blogs, traveled the world, let us dream and travel without lifting the mouse.

Let's start with New York or not. The only place where I wanted to live and not just travel. After doing so, then check your world map and never be the same and your mental geography either. So I booked flight to 5th with Bleeker , who own the week therefore we recommend the best place to see the fireworks on July 4, if a getaway to the Hamptons you can not. This place is none other than the Hudson Terrace, one of the binding sites and the city.

What about the style of the younger people?: Photos of the famous most disastrous

miley cyrus disaster

I do not know what's happening lately with the style of the famous young, but every time they fall more in total disaster. That's going to rebel because it does not convince me finish. And less time until two days ago did you call you Hannah Montana, and there are newspapers, pillows and microphones roses with your name and face printed on them. So this radical change of Miley Cyrus sounds weird. And these semi-Gothic experiments go straight to the absolute disaster.

Anyway, hope you know his style to bring back something in between. It is not dressed 18-year-old premature, but this style from rock, punk, grunge is a horror so compelled.

Because almost all girls who have just started succeeding at Disney fatal. Think Britney Spears, or her sister, who stars in a series of sappy Disney and had a son at age 16. Or Lindsay Lohan. With the monkey that was in Herbie or you and I to Boston to California, with his freckles and red hair and look at it now, can not dress worst. Totally misguided.

Cap girl repellent. 5

Summer Trends 2010. Male vs female. Sienna, Keyra and Miranda have it clear


No half measures. Or we stick pants with suspenders and wing scooped our borsalino or we wrapped in gauze and merry cute animals increases myocardial platforms. The hodgepodge of styles is more than clear in recent seasons and with time we will surely return of minimalism of the 90s, after so much frou frou, gigantoides bib necklaces and beaded bodices infarction of India.

Do we want to be masculine or feminine?. In some cases like the looks of Keyra Knightley and Sienna Miller, it is clear that we can be both.

Party dresses from Elie Saab, 2010

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

The party dresses designer Elie Saab is always a necessary of any event or red carpet , her dresses are really beautiful and elegant ... Anyway they are wonderful! Here's a compilation:

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

Kristen Stewart of Elie Saab

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

Eva Longoria Elie Saab

Fotos del estreno de Eclipse: Kristen Steward, Robert Pattinson,  Taylor Lautnet, Dakota Fanning,...

Dakota Fanning Elie Saab

Alfombra roja de los Tony Awards 2010

Scarlett Johansson Elie Saab

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow Elie Saab

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

Marion Cotillard of Elie Saab

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

Helen Mirren of Elie Saab

Vestidos de fiesta de Elie Saab, 2010

Dita Von Teese Elie Saab

Avance Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2010/2011


Carolina Herrera is the grand dame of fashion. It has become one of the most sought after designers worldwide, and has been able to wear their incomparable elegance to many celebrities. As you know, is one of my favorite designers and we finally have a trailer of the Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011, just enough to whet your appetite.

Once again the protagonist is the dress in its different versions, but always simple and elegant, and very clean cuts. They mark the feminine silhouette and accentuate the waist, something that really like when wearing a design of these features.

Presentation of S by Shakira

Shakira not to sell his or her image to multiple events. If it did to put music to the World Cup in South Africa and later image of t-shirts in solidarity with Mango , now it gets even more sophisticated for the launch of her perfume: S by Shakira.

The name is not very original but it seems that the perfume of summer air, is ideal for these days so hot.

The Colombian introduced him dressed like a real fashion victim: dressed in black with a gold sequin top overlooking the glamorous touch to a set that could have been pretty dull without a touch of gold.

Much less conventional than this style is the boat that saved the precious perfume, inspired by a belly dancer who, well, it could be the very Shakira.

The scent also represents the singer's exotic air with aromas reminiscent of India.

Pearls are back

The luxury is in fashion. Oddly enough the raging crisis in the medium planet, increasingly is becoming more common to see public displays of ostentation. "The last? The return of the pearls in all its forms and uses.

The pearls, which in recent years had been relegated to complement the classic older because they inspire, are back to stay. This is demonstrated by various fashion collections from different brands that have opted to use beads to enhance the beauty of their look and even to decorate their finest clothes.

The style imposed at the time Coco Chanel is fashionable and earrings, press and, especially, are filled with pearl necklaces to show off like never before.

And not just the classic white stones as the gray or black pearls are also taking much of the limelight.

Lucelas on a special occasion and you will see how to succeed.

Summer 2010 Accessories

Complementos verano 2010

Here's a summary of the ins and accessories that take this summer 2010 : sunglasses, hats, bags, belts, scarves , ...

Add Summer 2010: Bags
Complementos verano 2010

Summer 2010 Accessories: Sunglasses
Complementos verano 2010

Summer 2010 Accessories: Scarves and handkerchiefs
Complementos verano 2010

Add Summer 2010: Hats
Complementos verano 2010

Summer 2010 Accessories: Headbands and headdresses
Complementos verano 2010

Summer 2010 Accessories: Belts
Complementos verano 2010

Do you think?

Makeup tips for perfect exit

Trucos de maquillaje para salir perfecta Surely many times how hard I try not to get a good makeup for your face, it follows that possibly there is something you do well.

For example such brightness that does not get rid of skin spots that are not disguised. All are simple to make-up mistakes, and in so doing make-up tricks to help you solve them and achieve a perfect makeup.

If you are the daily make-up do not be so heavy that I assumed, possibly the day you do you skip a necessary step which are precisely those that make your face does not look good. However, the dust never fixtures directly over the moisturizer, since the face will be spotted, the makeup has to be complete without makeup fluid forget.

Try not to let the lines marked where does the makeup. Be careful in areas like the hairline, around the nose, jaw. Always goes over well a sponge by the neck and of course choose a foundation the same color as your skin.

To do with natural light makeup because when going out if you have done under fluorescent lights or light from the bathroom, change colors, always check your makeup before going to the window and see if you've spent with makeup.

As for the lips if it is an area that should be stressed and even have to be flashy, never the profiles with a darker shade of lipstick that you will use.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fashion Picnic, Summer 2010

Ropa Topshop, verano 2010

I've heard a thousand times already ... summer 2010 takes a lot picnic style !

Here are some pictures to put it very inspiring:
Ropa Topshop, verano 2010

Photos: Kling and Topshop

Lanvin Campaign Fall-Winter 2010/2011


Is here Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 campaign of Lanvin. Photographed by Steven Meisel eternal, I wonder if he sleeps with so much work. What do you think? At first glance the first thing that caught my attention was the makeup that crosses one of the standards I have always followed at any meeting of styles: dark + labiazo sombraza rouge, ever. But I have to say about the team in question, the result is great, could not be otherwise.

The first image that came to mind was the video of "Simple Irresistible" Robert Palmer, the image of them was almost a carbon copy do you remember?, Pure 80 say. Now when we get in the textile, flour is another matter. Games matte and gloss, touch mad max, medieval details ...

Only one point, I think if my hand had been the decision, had placed Mariacarla Boscono, right in the center do not you think that is spectacular?, Makeup of this type is complicated, but it is cat, sexy in a word, awesome.

Official Website | Lanvin

Overcoming a break

The truth is that couples a break is never pleasant, can be difficult to overcome ... But if you have the whole summer up ahead, to break through, you may be somewhat more difficult to overcome it ... or not.

It is true that you have more free time that you turn your head, miss you ... But you have to do is try to use that time positively and thinking of you for overcoming a break .

What makes you not spend an entire summer? Then he gonna do that!

We tell you some insight into post-summer break does not become a torture:

  • Goodbye to the past begins to be clear you want to leave behind all the bad times. This is your summer and you will enjoy.
  • Recover your agenda: the summer is an ideal time to get a drink, walk around the terraces ... Get out your calendar and call those friends (and why not, friends) that you have not see. Recover old friendships!
  • Travel, travel, vacation travel ... advantage to make that trip you've always dreamed of: a cruise to the Caribbean, to New York ... Surely some friend points out, although it would not hurt you dare to go alone, is a whole adventure! But you can also sign up for a trip for singles, what do you think of the idea? Okay, you're not ready for another relationship, but it sure looks great on you meet new people.

This will not be with you! Is that you pass guro :)

Photo: Three sugar

Ashley Greene in Madrid: presentation and premiere of Eclipse


Xavier Samuel Green and Ashley have been in Madrid, which is that there are only a few hours for the expected release of Eclipse. By the way, I've seen it, and I liked much more than previous installments. Two young, handsome and successful, and of course style. And Trendencias analyze the look of the actress in the morning presentation and the premiere night.

In the morning, Ashley Greene chose to tape the presentation of a very sober and serious look, with a pencil skirt and a blouse in vanilla, with a scarf in the same tone. As optional platform peep-toes in the same key. Although this is a serious look at the same time is very sexy with her blouse buttons hinting, not teaching. Everything from Michael Kors.

For the night, much more beautiful and youthful, opted for a romantic black dress from Donna Karan Resort Collection 2011. A design with a belt loop so divine.

Zara padded, Summer 2010

Bolsos acolchados de Zara, verano 2010

News in Zara , just in accessories ! These bags padded Zara just arrived! They're bags really beautiful, have a gloss finish that crazy about me, but perhaps what is love me bow : P .

Bolsos acolchados de Zara, verano 2010

It costs 29.95 euros and as you see is available in red and black!

Bolsos acolchados de Zara, verano 2010

Bolsos acolchados de Zara, verano 2010

Do you think? I know they are super view of the padded bags and chain ... but I seem taaaaaaaan monkeys!