Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogs and fashion cocktail


Today I want to sing like Gurruchaga that journey with us, and therefore I have decided that the post of the week dedicated to my favorite blogs, traveled the world, let us dream and travel without lifting the mouse.

Let's start with New York or not. The only place where I wanted to live and not just travel. After doing so, then check your world map and never be the same and your mental geography either. So I booked flight to 5th with Bleeker , who own the week therefore we recommend the best place to see the fireworks on July 4, if a getaway to the Hamptons you can not. This place is none other than the Hudson Terrace, one of the binding sites and the city.


No flight changes continue in the same airspace, this time with La Petite Fille a Paris who is spending a season there and shows us one of the most magical places, Coney Island, a paradise for both human and mechanical attractions. The photographer Peter Lindbergh is a strange love of the place and the season is not done a session there.

Do you begin to think and in Chanel and Vuitton and how they fitted into the bag of 20 kilos with no extra cost? Boulevard fashion this week gives us his recommendations on how to make a holiday suitcase.


If travel is your wedding or the wedding of your best friend, Fashion Assistance makes us your advice: why not Letizia's dress, which looks in the window of Felipe Varela? . What shoes? Needless to say who will talk here, yes Patricia's blog this week who wondered what happened to fashion clog? I have chosen my favorites, Farrutx. I like your tie, rhinestone applications, mix the color and the sport-dress.


We are missing accessories. What would the summer without a hat, sunglasses retro line to Prada, a bib necklace maxi boat or a hat? Hold on to fly back north. Bilbao Next stop, stop Divine Martina, one of my favorite stores with more bells and whistles per square inch than Colette, and in his blog talks about his latest acquisitions for the summer.


So much time for the landing, it appears that the flight has taken place without turbulence and very fashionable. To finish before sealing bags recoj√°is please be your passport trendenciero by trendy my friend, who will bring you back to Madrid to present you the looks of the presentation of eclipse.

I hope you had a nice trip.

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