Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Makeup tips for perfect exit

Trucos de maquillaje para salir perfecta Surely many times how hard I try not to get a good makeup for your face, it follows that possibly there is something you do well.

For example such brightness that does not get rid of skin spots that are not disguised. All are simple to make-up mistakes, and in so doing make-up tricks to help you solve them and achieve a perfect makeup.

If you are the daily make-up do not be so heavy that I assumed, possibly the day you do you skip a necessary step which are precisely those that make your face does not look good. However, the dust never fixtures directly over the moisturizer, since the face will be spotted, the makeup has to be complete without makeup fluid forget.

Try not to let the lines marked where does the makeup. Be careful in areas like the hairline, around the nose, jaw. Always goes over well a sponge by the neck and of course choose a foundation the same color as your skin.

To do with natural light makeup because when going out if you have done under fluorescent lights or light from the bathroom, change colors, always check your makeup before going to the window and see if you've spent with makeup.

As for the lips if it is an area that should be stressed and even have to be flashy, never the profiles with a darker shade of lipstick that you will use.

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