Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Overcoming a break

The truth is that couples a break is never pleasant, can be difficult to overcome ... But if you have the whole summer up ahead, to break through, you may be somewhat more difficult to overcome it ... or not.

It is true that you have more free time that you turn your head, miss you ... But you have to do is try to use that time positively and thinking of you for overcoming a break .

What makes you not spend an entire summer? Then he gonna do that!

We tell you some insight into post-summer break does not become a torture:

  • Goodbye to the past begins to be clear you want to leave behind all the bad times. This is your summer and you will enjoy.
  • Recover your agenda: the summer is an ideal time to get a drink, walk around the terraces ... Get out your calendar and call those friends (and why not, friends) that you have not see. Recover old friendships!
  • Travel, travel, vacation travel ... advantage to make that trip you've always dreamed of: a cruise to the Caribbean, to New York ... Surely some friend points out, although it would not hurt you dare to go alone, is a whole adventure! But you can also sign up for a trip for singles, what do you think of the idea? Okay, you're not ready for another relationship, but it sure looks great on you meet new people.

This will not be with you! Is that you pass guro :)

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