Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Presentation of S by Shakira

Shakira not to sell his or her image to multiple events. If it did to put music to the World Cup in South Africa and later image of t-shirts in solidarity with Mango , now it gets even more sophisticated for the launch of her perfume: S by Shakira.

The name is not very original but it seems that the perfume of summer air, is ideal for these days so hot.

The Colombian introduced him dressed like a real fashion victim: dressed in black with a gold sequin top overlooking the glamorous touch to a set that could have been pretty dull without a touch of gold.

Much less conventional than this style is the boat that saved the precious perfume, inspired by a belly dancer who, well, it could be the very Shakira.

The scent also represents the singer's exotic air with aromas reminiscent of India.

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