Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The style of Nicola Roberts


If you are faithful to the British press can you to know this girl, but simply blow your face you've seen it in a blog or journal. She is Nicola Roberts, an English dancer and singer came out of stealth by a TV game show.

Since I have cut and dyed her hair and changed the bubblegum pink lycra shirt kind of looks the other is going strong in England. Whether that is the image of Vivienne Westwood.

Only 25 years old, yes, like Florence Welch, the girl we spoke last week, looks older, but we will not talk about it but the keys to his style. Want to see?


As a singer he is, many of the images found on the network of Nicola are festivals, which boasts of its good taste at times. Here we have a red dress and black boots Hunter.


Another festival-goers their outfits: a leather jacket and dress of flowers ideal.


Nicola being caught by the paparazzi. I think this look spectacular coat, leather gloves ... I give it a 10.


In this picture with red hair and a simple denim dress.


Together with designer Vivienne Westwood, a friend and also the signature image.


To end an evening look for these sometimes choose black.


What do you think of the new fashion girls in the UK? Does the size?

Via | Style , Fabsugar

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