Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Sale, 2010

REBAJAS verano 2010

Finally, have already reached the sales of summer 2010!

Officially have already begun in Spain, though some communities have gone ahead and arriving a few days and days shopping at the best price, which is that in life there are many pleasures, and buy one of them and if it is a good price, bargain plan, so much the better, because the truth is most of it : P .

Planned as a girl I am and I have made my clothes and accessories I want to buy these discounts . Now it only remains for him!

And is that easy to get discounts for the rush and the deep discounts , right? To avoid losing your head and protect euros, here are these tips:

  • Make a list of items you really need, and sets the maximum amount you spend. Avoid spending more than necessary and buy things that will not use soon.
  • The basic rule, if you're going to put only once not buy it!
  • Do not get carried away by the rush. The burden and the pushing of the first days of sales can lead to impulse buying. Remember! Compare prices at several stores, and after the first cuts usually come the second, third ...
  • Take advantage of sales to buy clothes for the next season so for example you can buy different clothes for next winter at a price more affordable. And you can also get various items that are basic in any season.
  • The reductions must have the same guarantees and with the same policies for exchanges and returns, as long as not used the product-items purchased before this period.
  • Request information on refunds for change of size or other circumstances. This is a matter which depends solely on the policy of each trade and that they are not obliged to make but, in any case, if the item is faulty, the trader is required to change it.
  • Discounted products must offer equal quality at lower cost. Seasonal items must be in perfect condition. Reject items that do not meet the necessary health conditions, which are in poor condition or that violate security.
  • It is mandatory that the price tag appears twice (the old and thinning) or the percentage discount (often apply a minimum 20% discount on the price of high season and, usually, the discount increases progressively).

Happy SALES!

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