Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Trends 2010. Male vs female. Sienna, Keyra and Miranda have it clear


No half measures. Or we stick pants with suspenders and wing scooped our borsalino or we wrapped in gauze and merry cute animals increases myocardial platforms. The hodgepodge of styles is more than clear in recent seasons and with time we will surely return of minimalism of the 90s, after so much frou frou, gigantoides bib necklaces and beaded bodices infarction of India.

Do we want to be masculine or feminine?. In some cases like the looks of Keyra Knightley and Sienna Miller, it is clear that we can be both.

Let's start by opposing various images of fashion and looks of streetstylers that separately and together, I have requetegustado. Go back to the male. What could be if not a blazer? What a classic 501?. A ten for the look and headdress of feathers, not so difficult to do ourselves.


The height of the trend, "I'm dressed in the rags of my boyfriend" with the culmination of the tendency of women in a beautiful editorial voques Japan. Much eyeliner, false teeth and gauze pestañaza everywhere with a touch of Moulin Rouge.


A great Miranda Kerr with a unique photo and styling. Pants your boy, not Orlando whose size is similar to that of Miranda, and overlapping or sweatshirts.


Vogue Japan and one of their beautiful images. With a raffia hat like this, do not resist any gentleman. We can add a skirt draped in the manner of Balenciaga Summer 2010, a Veronica Lake hair to with tweezers, lip rouge and a lot of posturing.


Could the same woman to bring these two styles? Of course, that's the image trata.Una do not know why I reminded Tom Waits. Straws, borsalino and dancers.


The question is solved, one days why male and one female?. Let us act as Sienna Miller and Keyra in the film In the limit of love, love of poet Dylan Thomas of course.

Sienna with a pleated skirt and ruffled body and masculine touch of a Bogart hat. And Keyra with Provencal chiffon cardigan wool.

The famous Glastonbury: Emma Watson, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung all in shorts I

Topped with another wise mixture of Sienna Miller and my favorite look of the Glastonbury festival. T-shirt with the golden era Marlon Brando, shorts, jeans, boots and hat Wisconsin farmer to Casablanca who gives more?

Photos | Vogue Japan , Lookbook

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