Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What about the style of the younger people?: Photos of the famous most disastrous

miley cyrus disaster

I do not know what's happening lately with the style of the famous young, but every time they fall more in total disaster. That's going to rebel because it does not convince me finish. And less time until two days ago did you call you Hannah Montana, and there are newspapers, pillows and microphones roses with your name and face printed on them. So this radical change of Miley Cyrus sounds weird. And these semi-Gothic experiments go straight to the absolute disaster.

Anyway, hope you know his style to bring back something in between. It is not dressed 18-year-old premature, but this style from rock, punk, grunge is a horror so compelled.

Because almost all girls who have just started succeeding at Disney fatal. Think Britney Spears, or her sister, who stars in a series of sappy Disney and had a son at age 16. Or Lindsay Lohan. With the monkey that was in Herbie or you and I to Boston to California, with his freckles and red hair and look at it now, can not dress worst. Totally misguided.

lindsay disaster

Another who has turned 180 degrees in his style is Taylor Momsen. With what seemed fresh at the start of Gossip Girl and now seems to have reinvented the style of the 80s Madonna: lingerie in the light, corsets, crosses, the black line on the eye, wild hair, the fishnet stockings and boots. And if that was not enough, malota attitude to the paparazzi. Does anyone swallowed?. Have you had any honor to the media appearance, but the thing is getting worse every day.

Taylor Momsen disaster

Or Pixie Lott, a replica of Taylor Momsen.

pixie lott

Not to mention the Olsen twins, who are increasingly ragged dress more like grannies who live below the bridge.

olsen disaster

I think the radical style of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and her success is making them all lose their heads and try to imitate them, but of course, there is only one Lady Gaga. Even Christina Aguilera, who with 29 years and after having a child should not enter the group of adolescents or young wild, has succumbed.

christina aguilera disaster

Christina has always had a certain fondness for verbenera slut dress, but lately its cross between pin-up and prostitute port is reaching embarrassing levels.

christina aguilera2

What do you think? Will they bring back their style or have little chance to see great outfits with these girls?

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