Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's New Top Shop Fall / Winter 2010/2011


The English brand Top Shop, known among celebrities and mortals lets us see his progress on its website of the Autumn-Winter. In times where they do not have cuts everywhere, the shops, which are very naughty and you go a little bit of the new collection, all with the intention that piques something between discounted items.

What little he has left us to see that Top Shop is committed to autumnal colors like khaki and brown, jackets and duffle coat in the same tones, evening dresses and flowers for the day (as in all seasons), crop tees or belly shirts in the style and accessories noventero pulling a bit gothic style as they have done luxury jewelry firms such as the German Thomas Sabo.

Want to see a little more?


Here, some of the dresses you are proposing Top Shop, but warmer in autumn colors, the first from the left looks very cute with me half thick and almost any type of shoe.


As concerns about, we have alternatives of different types. Something more sophisticated, with applications, perfect with jeans or a dress or something more casual below as the second pledge.


Top Shop is committed to the navel that looks this season. The crop tee in question seems ideal, but certainly not suitable for everyone.


In a little more warm clothing brand offers us a garment that I have always loved, the duffle coat. I love the blue, I think that's beautiful and transparent raincoat, is the best!


We went to ground fittings and accessories. Scarves to combat the autumn winds, this one is cute, but does not say anything. And the backpack-bag has a point.


Finally, the jewelry. He reminds me a bit like Stradivarius so I'm not convinced, too hippie and it sure is three times more expensive than Stradivarius so all does not convince me.


Only with this ring I'm a bit Gothic it is difficult to find in other stores.


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