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Weebly Tutorial

Weebly Tutorial

The best look of the week Trendencias, July 26 to August 1


Ready, set, and ... the beginning of the holiday has already taken place for many, and how not accompanied by that sweet torture that is the packing. Fancy seeing us the best looks of the week and maybe yours do any of the proposals of the celebrities?

The perfect companion to any shirt, shorts that can be both casual and elegant displays a streetstyle for one of the best pictures of the week and that we recommend for your summer, why not a yellow canary in a romantic blouse?

Copy to Olivia Palermo and get your bib necklaces Zara

bib necklace

If you like the style of Olivia Palermo'll often wear many necklaces bib (bib necklace or English), to give a touch of sophistication to their looks. Now it's easy to copy his unique style with proposals for Zara.

We finally finished the uproar itself the first few days of sales. These days the shops are quieter, thanks to air conditioning, become a pleasant place to stroll, dig and pry, always with the possibility of buying a whim.

I love shopping at this time, because you can find real bargains among what little remains of rebates and because I like to look around the new library (which occupies an increasingly larger space in stores).

Dolores Promesas Autumn Winter 2010 2011

Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011

Here's a preview of new clothing and accessories in Dolores Promises of 2010/2011 fall winter collection :

Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011
Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011
Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011
Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011
Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011
Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011

Dolores Promesas otoño invierno 2010 2011

Friday, July 30, 2010

Free download WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper 4.0

This free software lets you convert DVD movies that you see on your iPhone.

WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper 4 can also be used in the iPod, iPod Touch, iPod nano, IPAD, and Apple TV.

His speed to convert the files is very good and management is very easy for those who are fairly new to the subject.

By the way, the software is capable of decoding DVD copy the latest technology.

To download, click HERE

Fall Fashion Trends 2010: shoes with laces

Tendencias moda otoño 2010: Zapatos con cordones

A new feature of the autumn winter 2010/2011 in terms of footwear are shoes with laces, either in boots, boots , loafers, oxford, etc..

Tendencias moda otoño 2010: Zapatos con cordones

Bimba & Lola

Tendencias moda otoño 2010: Zapatos con cordones


Tendencias moda otoño 2010: Zapatos con cordones


Sasha Pivovarova picture returns to Longchamp

The Russian model Sasha Pivovarova is the new look of the ad campaign for Longchamp prñoxima library. This is the second time that top brand and model work together after Pivovarova pose for the spring collection this year.

The photogs David Sims will also be responsible for pictures showing at the bases of this new collaboration that has been proposed Longchamp, again, showing us the modern woman and innovative excellence.

With a great inspiration and a critical animal supplements, Longchamp wants to be a benchmark as far as fashion is referred to as accessories (not in vain Longchamp collection calls himself ready-to-wear and accessories), with great protagonsita bag from her new collection.

Although this collection into fall and winter of this year, in August and we see the new images is now an established partnership.

Spain is different: Stop catering equipment and fashion


Today I show an editorial for Elle France and I've liked for several reasons: aesthetics, photo and location. Under the name of Lady Barcelona, the team Elle has moved to Barcelona to show a trend in which fund, Gaudí, and shape, the styling, fit perfectly.

Spain is different. For little you have traveled and carrying a suitcase into the air and think about it, or at least I think so. When it seems that fashion editorials, creative teams and Giselle, Claudia and Miranda settles only the narrow backside sands of Brazil, Maldives water or streets of Tokyo, the truth is that our country is a true center of the fashion world, especially in Regarding the locations.

This summer looks inspirándote shirt in the street girls


With the arrival of August a few hours we propose street looks with his shirt. The shirt, sometimes forgotten in the summer and replaced by basic jersey life offers us the chance of giving a casual look that can cool a touch lacking.

Floral, lace, classic white, grace combined with street girls, will you see looks a shirt?

Streetstyle a top: Coco Rocha shows all styles of the month


Coco Rocha, top where the paradigm has style and has been featured throughout the month of July the section "Im Wearing Today" of Vogue Uk. In it, the newly betrothed model shows us her outfits home a snapshot of the month clothes chosen to face the day to day and all those looks of it, after seeing them, a lot we can learn.

I like your taste clean and tidy with little enhancement, basic clothes with touches of the best design and that "it is not necessary to be the latest way to be a paradigm of style."

Where to get the best books of fashion? Phanta Liberia Rhei


We are going to release a wonderful bookstore where you can find everything as far as fashion is concerned. Rhei Phanta library is located in the heart of Madrid Malasaña.

When you enter, suddenly, it seems you've moved to another city, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, whatever. The fact is that breathes design everywhere. Graphic design books, film, everything you can imagine and fashion. Any book fashion look, if you are in Spain, is in Phanta Rhei. Want to know where is this fabulous bookstore?

H & F, new Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 campaign with Daria Werbowy

HM, new Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 campaign with Daria Werbowy

H & M presents its new Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 campaign and does so with an advance of three images that we see the gorgeous Daria Werbowy and style that manages to shine on the advertising campaign itself.

Polish model is a major this season but has been so long, but has agreed that by next autumn we are seeing in many advertisements of different brands. She is worth it and take advantage of their great style brands to improve their products.

Primark Autumn Winter 2010 2011, catalog

Primark otoño invierno 2010 2011, catálogo
More news from this autumn winter 2010/2011 ! Here's the list of Primark!

Primark otoño invierno 2010 2011, catálogo

Primark otoño invierno 2010 2011, catálogo

Primark otoño invierno 2010 2011, catálogo

Primark otoño invierno 2010 2011, catálogo

Primark otoño invierno 2010 2011, catálogo

I love it! It has all the trends: lace boots, long hair (yeti), color camel, the animal print, the Trenchs, coats, shots, etc.

Photos: threeinacrowd

The fashion trend remains adlib

When the temperatures climb, cool clothes and light colors become our best Alida. If we add that as we catch some color, this type of garments we feel victory is particularly well served. It is therefore not surprising that the Adlib fashion show that takes place in Ibiza once a year is always one of the places that we take a look every summer to see the clothes that will be this summer.

And is that for thirty years takes place on the island pitiusa a massive parade showing the best pieces of Adlib fashion. This year in particular there have been through such popular models as Mireia Canalda or Helen Lindes.

We were able to see that the brace, white and lace will be a season the protagonists of these items do not go out of style.

Armani: Ryan Phillipe & Amanda Lepore by David LaChapelle

Eating on the beach

Quemar grasa

What do you usually wear to lunch at the beach ? Or are those which choose to go to the snack bar? Whatever you do you watch what you eat, and that we should not jettison our eating habits just because summer has arrived.

And sometimes, the idea of healthy eating or directly causes us lazy ... envy! (Why they're taking that ice cream while I like my apples?). Follow your diet (if you're doing), does not mean going hungry and it does not mean you can fill your body with unhealthy foods.

As always, looking for something easy, you fill out and be healthy. To help, here are some tips, choose the plan you choose to eat on the beach.

1. Snacks

Quemar grasa

We talked recently that the poor are bearing the famous snacks while other wool. Are the sandwiches fattening? Well depends on what you carry inside. A fatter bacon sandwich to a turkey, of course.

The bread is pure carbohydrate, needed for a healthy diet, so forget about the bread that is the problem. That yes, you should follow some tips to turn your sandwich into a calorie bomb.

  • Best of wholemeal bread (high fiber).
  • Do not use bread mold. It may seem lighter, but it hides more calories.
  • It must be the right size, do not take an entire bar. For lunch you can make you about 12 cm long.
  • Prioritize vegetable content: Use ingredients like lettuce, tomato, carrot, lettuce, spinach, peppers, asparagus or even fruit.
  • Other ingredients that you can use are turkey, tuna, or cheese.
  • Do not use sauces. At best, uses olive oil to accompany the vegetable sandwiches.

In addition, we must not forget that we go to the beach to suffer the effects of the sweltering temperatures . should not take sandwiches containing eggs or, of course, mayonnaise.

2. In plastic box

Quemar grasa

This is a good option to save and watch your diet, especially if you go to the beach for lunch often. The plastic box lunch from the beach should be easy to eat (not want to end up with sand between your teeth), no break with heat and not need further development (we do not have a microwave or a table on which to support things while adding ingredients.) You take something ready to eat ... but what? "Some good ideas are:

  • Salads of any kind.
  • Rice, pasta or couscous combined with other ingredients and chill.
  • The meat tends to dry out but you can take to eat cold breaded fillets (very typical of summer).
  • If you choose to drink sea cans sardines, mussels, tuna ... do not lose their flavor over hours, unlike the cooked fish.
  • Dessert is fruit.

3. From beach bar

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This is the most dangerous. For if all our companions are asked to drink a beer and sausage patties to eat oily, to see who is able to order a salad. Not to mention that in some bars the letter is rather small.

Everywhere you can prepare a salad of tomatoes and salad, please ask if not specified in the menu. As for the tapas, opt for the sea , which for something we are next to the beach, and the less fried better. They are good ideas:

  • Steamed Mussels
  • Clams in green sauce
  • Baby squid with onions
  • Marinated Sardines
  • Galician octopus
  • Seafood cocktail

And if you tired of the shipping plan, you can always ask a few olives or pickles.

And you know, to drink, nothing better than water.

What do you eat when you go to the beach? Still watching your food as usual or you let go of circumstances?

Via: Salood

Mango Sunglasses: Cat eye

Gafas de sol de Mango: Cat eye

Mango has cloned the sunglasses with cat eyes! They cost only 15 euros and are stamped on the frame very feline, the truth is that I think are pretty, but I do not know that this sit ...

These sunglasses are a part of the Mango Autumn Winter 2010/2011 collection .

Do you think this model of sunglasses? You like the cat glasses? I'm have not been seen much on the street and this summer we've gone crazy with the wayfarer : P .

Having sex during menstruation

Practicar sexo durante la menstruacion This is a very muddy and full of contradictions for many couples and that's not counting can still be taboo. The question is being practiced or sex during menstruation?. Generally it is practiced and always depending on the couple.

There are women who, during the period do not feel like having sex at all. Hormones generally responsible for decreased libido, others though in those days feel more sexy and above all more excited and female. As the woman's body is very complex, we can not say that they are incompatible.

The only consideration to be taken, if you're of women in those days you are to make the best sex sessions with your partner, is whether he would like. Not all men or all women accept sexual intercourse during menstruation, for various reasons, but the most common are unscrupulous or just do not excite at all.

But if the couple agrees, there is no problem in it. And all is consider to be even more extreme hygiene. Since women in these days tends to be more vulnerable to vaginal infections. Always use condoms.

Therefore, it is dangerous not just all depends on the couple and the prejudices they may have, both women and men leave the taboo in the inkwell.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

XCXIII Beauty Tips


Summer invites you to make makeover: hair cut, makeup technique, style of dress. From Trendencias, have updated notes about fashion. In sweeping, we present to you the beauty care.

The showcase celebrities who give us a good model where staff decided to make this change. Two and two celebrities makeover: Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie . What do you think?

For Angelina Jolie, choose shades of Passion Fusion, Revlon makeup collection for fall 2010. For Scarlett Johansson, shadows and lipsticks to Les Gourmandises are perfect for her nude.

Zara autumn winter 2010 2011, catalog

Here's a preview catalog of Zara Fall Winter 2010/2011.

Lose weight

Quemar grasa

Lose weight is a slow and often complicated , and if we want to serve something thin , this is how it should be. Go down gradually kilos allows our body adjusts to its new size (preventing stretch marks and flaccidity) and especially ensures the long-term.

Maybe sometimes one feels tempted to stop eating lose weight one week and six kilos of blow , but it becomes less attractive when you think that 15 days would not be as at first ... but worse due to the rebound !

There are a number of habits that, once the internalize , cease to be costly and that are leading us down the path of effective weight loss. It is essential to follow a varied diet and be able to enjoy the food, because otherwise diet becomes an ordeal.

Do you know what to do to lose weight without this happening ?

In the supermarket

Quemar grasa

  1. Do not go hungry to buy, or finish choosing more calorie products. If it is not possible for you to go after dinner, take an apple before you go. And always go with a closed list of the products you need.
  2. Replace refined foods such as bread, pasta, rice or biscuits by integrals. Provide more vitamins, give greater feeling of satiety, have more fiber and are less caloric.
  3. NEVER buy or pre-cooked bakery products . It is no longer only a question of weight, but also health. If you do not have at home, do not eat. He tries to avoid areas of the supermarket where these products to avoid temptation.
  4. Take home dessert. If you healthier desserts will generate less anxiety not to have them insane. Buy yogurt or cheese for that purpose.
  5. Fill your basket of fruit and vegetables. If you have at hand is what we eat.

At home

Quemar grasa

  1. Do not base your meals on the fries. Opts for other ways of cooking such as grilled, steamed or baked. Use the minimum necessary salt and look for light sauces . It enhances the flavor of the dishes with spices and lemon dressing. Remember that it is vital you enjoy the taste of foods to make you happy in your diet.
  2. Use non-stick pans. Therefore do not have to grease the pan so food does not stick, so you'll end up cooking with less oil.
  3. Rather than miss that excess. But the quantities Measures to stop them passing the portion sizes. If you cook more, eat more, and we do not like remaining in the skillet. Also, if you've cooked too, lean and adequate ration away the pot. The farther away the less likely it is to get up for more. The rest freeze.
  4. A good trick is to eat the main meal in dessert dishes. Being smaller we can fill them to overflowing with less food and have the feeling that we're done with what we share.
  5. Brush your teeth just finished eating. We continue to discourage picking.

At the restaurant

Quemar grasa

  1. Eating in a restaurant is not carte blanche to make a truce in the diet. You know i n can be ordered anywhere and healthy dishes if you do not look for excuses, you do not want. Calls first one plate with vegetables and sauces calorie and second, some meat or fish grilled.
  2. Not drink much alcohol. No longer just for the calories you eat, but because it relaxes your mind-control system. It will cost you more to follow your diet if you drink.
  3. For dessert, the ideal is to eat fruit or a sorbet.
  4. If you've been with food, make a light dinner and purifies : try a tea and a salad. It's probably your own body who can not help but notice that. Especially if you are consistent with the diet, you'll get used to eat healthier, and eliminate the craving for fatty foods.
  5. If you eat every day away from home, a good option is to change the restaurant on the plastic box. It's cheaper and you can better plan your meals to suit your diet.

Making sport

Quemar grasa

  1. You have daily physical exercise to lose as many calories. If you can not sport integrated daily exercise into your life ignores the car and the elevator.
  2. It is easier to join a gym to try to hacreeccouosl.Hbrpgdnly. Have paid motivation to go. The best thing is to find activities that motivate them and make nois group. Sign up for classes to learn something (whether tennis, dancing or yoga) generates a commitment to learn that your teacher is "waiting" for you. Yes, always looking for activities you enjoy or you'll end up looking for all kinds of excuses not to.
  3. Combine aerobic activities (these are the exercises that increase breathing and heart rate, such as running, aerobics or cycling) with muscle toning. An increase in muscle mass an acceleration of the baseline system, it is easier to burn calories even when n rest.
  4. Make at least half an hour of exercise . It is from the 30th minute when the body, after exhausting the reserves of glycogen, start burning fat.
  5. Looking for active leisure activities. Then take advantage of weekends to go hiking in the mountains, to organize a plan with adventure sports or dance for hours in the disco.

General Recommendations

    Quemar grasa

  1. Do not skip meals. Many times we feel better skipping dinner after a heavy meal or breakfast apart for losing weight. It is a big mistake because it causes mismatches (the next meal we hungry) and long term can contribute to weight go up, because our body gets used to store fat for periods in which he was not provided.
  2. Make five meals a day. It is better to eat that are rarely , very rarely. The calorie meals do them in the morning. After dinner, two hours will pass, at least, before bed.
  3. Do not give up carbohydrates. Despite its bad name , are satiating and need to consume a large amount of carbohydrates to accumulate in the form of kilos (unlike fat, which immediately affect our bodies), . Besides carbohydrates increase caloric expenditure, ie, helps us burn more calories at the same level of activity.
  4. Come varied. You should eat foods from all groups, since all are necessary. A diet that provided recourse to the five least-calorie dishes just bored, and that is a compelling reason that can lead you to abandon your diet.
  5. A lot of patience. Do not get obsessed with the need to lose weight or you weigh yourself every five minutes. The aim is to change your habits to reduce your weight gradually. Do not get frustrated if you become stagnant at some point, try to increase your caloric expenditure through exercise more. Weigh yourself once a week, naked @ and fasting.

What is the biggest difficulties that you find the time to lower weight?

Via: Salood