Saturday, July 31, 2010

Copy to Olivia Palermo and get your bib necklaces Zara

bib necklace

If you like the style of Olivia Palermo'll often wear many necklaces bib (bib necklace or English), to give a touch of sophistication to their looks. Now it's easy to copy his unique style with proposals for Zara.

We finally finished the uproar itself the first few days of sales. These days the shops are quieter, thanks to air conditioning, become a pleasant place to stroll, dig and pry, always with the possibility of buying a whim.

I love shopping at this time, because you can find real bargains among what little remains of rebates and because I like to look around the new library (which occupies an increasingly larger space in stores).

bib shirt

In the remains of rebates, we can find garments that do not usually pay much attention (at least in my case), such as accessories. They also have the great advantage that there are no problems with finding your size. So it's a good opportunity to capture some of the necklaces, bibs, Zara has a price.

zara necklaces

I would wear the white jersey crochet with a nude-toned color or even in vivo, to give it a more romantic and vintage. The bib collar colors seems ideal for combining with a simple white dress and so achieve an ethnic look. And finally, the necklace in black and gold would lead to a little black dress, to give some light and joy to a basic garment also in summer. Perfect for parties at night and sometimes smarter than we emerge this summer.

Olivia Palermo we have seen them countless times, so we have ideas to bring a lot.

olivia bib

T-shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses, elegance reinforce get any styling.

bib necklaces

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