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Eating on the beach

Quemar grasa

What do you usually wear to lunch at the beach ? Or are those which choose to go to the snack bar? Whatever you do you watch what you eat, and that we should not jettison our eating habits just because summer has arrived.

And sometimes, the idea of healthy eating or directly causes us lazy ... envy! (Why they're taking that ice cream while I like my apples?). Follow your diet (if you're doing), does not mean going hungry and it does not mean you can fill your body with unhealthy foods.

As always, looking for something easy, you fill out and be healthy. To help, here are some tips, choose the plan you choose to eat on the beach.

1. Snacks

Quemar grasa

We talked recently that the poor are bearing the famous snacks while other wool. Are the sandwiches fattening? Well depends on what you carry inside. A fatter bacon sandwich to a turkey, of course.

The bread is pure carbohydrate, needed for a healthy diet, so forget about the bread that is the problem. That yes, you should follow some tips to turn your sandwich into a calorie bomb.

  • Best of wholemeal bread (high fiber).
  • Do not use bread mold. It may seem lighter, but it hides more calories.
  • It must be the right size, do not take an entire bar. For lunch you can make you about 12 cm long.
  • Prioritize vegetable content: Use ingredients like lettuce, tomato, carrot, lettuce, spinach, peppers, asparagus or even fruit.
  • Other ingredients that you can use are turkey, tuna, or cheese.
  • Do not use sauces. At best, uses olive oil to accompany the vegetable sandwiches.

In addition, we must not forget that we go to the beach to suffer the effects of the sweltering temperatures . should not take sandwiches containing eggs or, of course, mayonnaise.

2. In plastic box

Quemar grasa

This is a good option to save and watch your diet, especially if you go to the beach for lunch often. The plastic box lunch from the beach should be easy to eat (not want to end up with sand between your teeth), no break with heat and not need further development (we do not have a microwave or a table on which to support things while adding ingredients.) You take something ready to eat ... but what? "Some good ideas are:

  • Salads of any kind.
  • Rice, pasta or couscous combined with other ingredients and chill.
  • The meat tends to dry out but you can take to eat cold breaded fillets (very typical of summer).
  • If you choose to drink sea cans sardines, mussels, tuna ... do not lose their flavor over hours, unlike the cooked fish.
  • Dessert is fruit.

3. From beach bar

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This is the most dangerous. For if all our companions are asked to drink a beer and sausage patties to eat oily, to see who is able to order a salad. Not to mention that in some bars the letter is rather small.

Everywhere you can prepare a salad of tomatoes and salad, please ask if not specified in the menu. As for the tapas, opt for the sea , which for something we are next to the beach, and the less fried better. They are good ideas:

  • Steamed Mussels
  • Clams in green sauce
  • Baby squid with onions
  • Marinated Sardines
  • Galician octopus
  • Seafood cocktail

And if you tired of the shipping plan, you can always ask a few olives or pickles.

And you know, to drink, nothing better than water.

What do you eat when you go to the beach? Still watching your food as usual or you let go of circumstances?

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