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Lose weight

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Lose weight is a slow and often complicated , and if we want to serve something thin , this is how it should be. Go down gradually kilos allows our body adjusts to its new size (preventing stretch marks and flaccidity) and especially ensures the long-term.

Maybe sometimes one feels tempted to stop eating lose weight one week and six kilos of blow , but it becomes less attractive when you think that 15 days would not be as at first ... but worse due to the rebound !

There are a number of habits that, once the internalize , cease to be costly and that are leading us down the path of effective weight loss. It is essential to follow a varied diet and be able to enjoy the food, because otherwise diet becomes an ordeal.

Do you know what to do to lose weight without this happening ?

In the supermarket

Quemar grasa

  1. Do not go hungry to buy, or finish choosing more calorie products. If it is not possible for you to go after dinner, take an apple before you go. And always go with a closed list of the products you need.
  2. Replace refined foods such as bread, pasta, rice or biscuits by integrals. Provide more vitamins, give greater feeling of satiety, have more fiber and are less caloric.
  3. NEVER buy or pre-cooked bakery products . It is no longer only a question of weight, but also health. If you do not have at home, do not eat. He tries to avoid areas of the supermarket where these products to avoid temptation.
  4. Take home dessert. If you healthier desserts will generate less anxiety not to have them insane. Buy yogurt or cheese for that purpose.
  5. Fill your basket of fruit and vegetables. If you have at hand is what we eat.

At home

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  1. Do not base your meals on the fries. Opts for other ways of cooking such as grilled, steamed or baked. Use the minimum necessary salt and look for light sauces . It enhances the flavor of the dishes with spices and lemon dressing. Remember that it is vital you enjoy the taste of foods to make you happy in your diet.
  2. Use non-stick pans. Therefore do not have to grease the pan so food does not stick, so you'll end up cooking with less oil.
  3. Rather than miss that excess. But the quantities Measures to stop them passing the portion sizes. If you cook more, eat more, and we do not like remaining in the skillet. Also, if you've cooked too, lean and adequate ration away the pot. The farther away the less likely it is to get up for more. The rest freeze.
  4. A good trick is to eat the main meal in dessert dishes. Being smaller we can fill them to overflowing with less food and have the feeling that we're done with what we share.
  5. Brush your teeth just finished eating. We continue to discourage picking.

At the restaurant

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  1. Eating in a restaurant is not carte blanche to make a truce in the diet. You know i n can be ordered anywhere and healthy dishes if you do not look for excuses, you do not want. Calls first one plate with vegetables and sauces calorie and second, some meat or fish grilled.
  2. Not drink much alcohol. No longer just for the calories you eat, but because it relaxes your mind-control system. It will cost you more to follow your diet if you drink.
  3. For dessert, the ideal is to eat fruit or a sorbet.
  4. If you've been with food, make a light dinner and purifies : try a tea and a salad. It's probably your own body who can not help but notice that. Especially if you are consistent with the diet, you'll get used to eat healthier, and eliminate the craving for fatty foods.
  5. If you eat every day away from home, a good option is to change the restaurant on the plastic box. It's cheaper and you can better plan your meals to suit your diet.

Making sport

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  1. You have daily physical exercise to lose as many calories. If you can not sport integrated daily exercise into your life ignores the car and the elevator.
  2. It is easier to join a gym to try to hacreeccouosl.Hbrpgdnly. Have paid motivation to go. The best thing is to find activities that motivate them and make nois group. Sign up for classes to learn something (whether tennis, dancing or yoga) generates a commitment to learn that your teacher is "waiting" for you. Yes, always looking for activities you enjoy or you'll end up looking for all kinds of excuses not to.
  3. Combine aerobic activities (these are the exercises that increase breathing and heart rate, such as running, aerobics or cycling) with muscle toning. An increase in muscle mass an acceleration of the baseline system, it is easier to burn calories even when n rest.
  4. Make at least half an hour of exercise . It is from the 30th minute when the body, after exhausting the reserves of glycogen, start burning fat.
  5. Looking for active leisure activities. Then take advantage of weekends to go hiking in the mountains, to organize a plan with adventure sports or dance for hours in the disco.

General Recommendations

    Quemar grasa

  1. Do not skip meals. Many times we feel better skipping dinner after a heavy meal or breakfast apart for losing weight. It is a big mistake because it causes mismatches (the next meal we hungry) and long term can contribute to weight go up, because our body gets used to store fat for periods in which he was not provided.
  2. Make five meals a day. It is better to eat that are rarely , very rarely. The calorie meals do them in the morning. After dinner, two hours will pass, at least, before bed.
  3. Do not give up carbohydrates. Despite its bad name , are satiating and need to consume a large amount of carbohydrates to accumulate in the form of kilos (unlike fat, which immediately affect our bodies), . Besides carbohydrates increase caloric expenditure, ie, helps us burn more calories at the same level of activity.
  4. Come varied. You should eat foods from all groups, since all are necessary. A diet that provided recourse to the five least-calorie dishes just bored, and that is a compelling reason that can lead you to abandon your diet.
  5. A lot of patience. Do not get obsessed with the need to lose weight or you weigh yourself every five minutes. The aim is to change your habits to reduce your weight gradually. Do not get frustrated if you become stagnant at some point, try to increase your caloric expenditure through exercise more. Weigh yourself once a week, naked @ and fasting.

What is the biggest difficulties that you find the time to lower weight?

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