Friday, July 30, 2010

Spain is different: Stop catering equipment and fashion


Today I show an editorial for Elle France and I've liked for several reasons: aesthetics, photo and location. Under the name of Lady Barcelona, the team Elle has moved to Barcelona to show a trend in which fund, Gaudí, and shape, the styling, fit perfectly.

Spain is different. For little you have traveled and carrying a suitcase into the air and think about it, or at least I think so. When it seems that fashion editorials, creative teams and Giselle, Claudia and Miranda settles only the narrow backside sands of Brazil, Maldives water or streets of Tokyo, the truth is that our country is a true center of the fashion world, especially in Regarding the locations.


I spoke just a few days of Alas and Piggott, the pair of successful photographers of the moment and it has a luxury studio in Ibiza, which occasionally wander Carine Roitfeld Vogue America or equipment when the occasion requires.


Lanzarote, Canary Islands, the desert of Almeria, Marbella, Barcelona, Madrid ... are key for many magazines and firms when looking for winter sun, or simple street latinas inspirations architectures difficult to find, as the case.


.. I like this editorial consistency of clothing with the environment I find it quite successful, for its colors, details and forms.

Official Website | Elle France

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