Friday, July 30, 2010

Streetstyle a top: Coco Rocha shows all styles of the month


Coco Rocha, top where the paradigm has style and has been featured throughout the month of July the section "Im Wearing Today" of Vogue Uk. In it, the newly betrothed model shows us her outfits home a snapshot of the month clothes chosen to face the day to day and all those looks of it, after seeing them, a lot we can learn.

I like your taste clean and tidy with little enhancement, basic clothes with touches of the best design and that "it is not necessary to be the latest way to be a paradigm of style."


A great and original initiative of British Vogue in which he mixes the daily lives of streetstyle for use with the glamor of the fashion industry represented in one of its major tops and practicality, with indications of the model leading firms.

Via | Uk Vogue

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