Thursday, July 29, 2010

XCXIII Beauty Tips


Summer invites you to make makeover: hair cut, makeup technique, style of dress. From Trendencias, have updated notes about fashion. In sweeping, we present to you the beauty care.

The showcase celebrities who give us a good model where staff decided to make this change. Two and two celebrities makeover: Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie . What do you think?

For Angelina Jolie, choose shades of Passion Fusion, Revlon makeup collection for fall 2010. For Scarlett Johansson, shadows and lipsticks to Les Gourmandises are perfect for her nude.

Who wears a nude fantastic is Kristen McMenamy, eternal gateways . A nude model perfect makeup.


These beautiful women sacrifice their diets to maintain the scale in check. We must seize the diet in summer and organize the food : we give you some advice.

Mavala Summer 2010

But summer is for fun and whimsical and colorful way is to choose nail polish colors. Here you have the new mini-Mavala nail polish , blue, orange, green, yellow. Do you know how your nail polish and new ?


Speaking of hair, if you have long hair and want to avoid the summer heat, the solution may be a braid of braids . With a little patience, you will get.

Remember to drink water and juices to keep skin hydrated. Facing the heat, short shorts as the best streetstylers, for work or day to day. Do not forget the next appointment with the beauty care next week. Have fun!

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