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Fall Trends: 5. Oversized Pant

Or what is the same, very wide trousers. If we are already hooked on some seasons cigarette pants and skinny jeans, and it is time to free up our pressures and launch legs of the trousers without fearing not to be fashionable.

Oversized means 'about the size', ie, wide trousers. And these were many in the parades of the season autumn / winter 2010, as Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Kenzo and Dries van Noten.

Pants spacious and comfortable, very easy to combine and particularly important and male court, following the dandy style that was both in the parades of the season.

High-waisted, very seventies style, a little 'baggy', cut very straight male, sport style, classic type smóquin or air of the 40s, the 'oversize trousers' is here to stay.

And if you think it is hard to match, you are mistaken and that accepts any style and combination: the most classic style shirt, vest and American; teddies to give it that glamorous look of the '40s, points jerseys, coats to the knee ... a 'must have'.

One wild Bulgari Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood redheads. Elegance, talent and charisma are three of the characteristics that define the actress.

This is what the makers would Bulgari brand on it, to hire her as a new image advertising campaign of jewelry and accessories and she accepted that it will hit.

Photographed by respected Alas and Marcus Piggott Mer, a 49, the redhead, posing naked on an elegant sofa, wearing jewels of the company, strategically covered by one of the bags from the collection, nothing more and nothing less than two offspring of a lion in his arms.

The result is a spectacular photographs full of beauty and exoticism, and whose desaturated tones and relaxed pose of Moore, give calm and serenity unusual in this type of advertising.

A vicious campaign, exotic and provocative that has caused controversy in some countries like Italy, who have branded as 'indecent'.

September, return to routine

Septiembre, volver a la rutina

September is always an intensive month and is back to the routine after the holidays is never easy. Back to the obligations it costs but it is always both a time of challenge, new plans and projects, good intentions and new hope s.

Back to work, to school, the gym , the healthy diet , losing weight , ... or, start again! An exciting and very stimulating, and it is nothing like new adventures and projects to give a touch of sparkle to the remainder of the year. And since you have kids back to school with more things to prepare and deal!

On the other hand, soon will enter the fall, lowered temperatures and the rains start, there will be fewer hours of sunshine, that is, nothing will say goodbye to the beloved summer! The change of season can sit like a shot on all anime, but I just really noticed anything!

I enjoy new landscapes and falling leaves, and even very superficial I love winter clothes. Although I also recognize that the typical pattern hair loss and get back white as milk does not amuse me anything!

What's more, in September regarding events and fashion is a month that I love, I would say that is a month entertaining and intense, not only for the necessary change of wardrobe with the arrival of the new trends of autumn winter 2010 / 2011, but the Fashion Weeks!

In September we have many parades in front! Which I enjoy very much! From 9 to 18 have the New York Fashion Week, then overlap of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week and London, which are 17 to 22, and already at the end of September in Paris who starts on the 28th.

But there is more, also celebrated on 9 September Vogue's Fashion Night Outen Madrid International Film Festival in Venice (from 1 to 11), Bimba & Lola and Zara premiere online store , it's Ikea catalog , etc.

What new projects and challenges you in September?

Lindsay Lohan to Grace Kelly in Vanity Fair, the Emmy Awards, the arrest of Paris Hilton and more in the week Poprosa


As the summer seems to go coming to an end, what with that and started in September, as we all change the chip and we think about the long winter that lies ahead. Still, any time is good to face a new summary of the best of Poprosa. To begin I will make this new cover of Vanity Fair where Lindsay Lohan gets the better of herself as well as their words are also sensed that wants to amend the past, though it will cost you, the way things are.

While no doubt the news of the week has a distinctly award, the Emmy where we saw a lot of couples showing off as cute, a lot of outfits and large momentazos as introducing it to the show. At least that was saved details gala could not be more boring.

College Style (fashion fall winter 2010 2011)

Estilo college (moda otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Halfway enre the college and universiario look and style can be summed college is both fashionable autumn-winter 2010/2011 .

Pleated skirts, loafers , high socks , striped sweaters, blazers with elbow patches, duffle coat, details such as coats, plaid prints, jumpers, cardigans, knitted scarves, boots with laces , beanies, pictures, shirts, round neck, oxford shoes , etc.

What do you think??

Makeup Autumn Winter 2010 2011

Maquillaje otoño invierno 2010 2011

Here's the proposal in terms of Givenchy makeup for autumn winter 2010 2011. A uniform face very clearly, with LaBrie nude and with all the strength in his eyes!

The 3D comes to fashion magazines: Vogue Italia


The 3D has not only revolutionized the world of cinema, but now intends to do in the world of fashion. And for that Vogue Italia has decided to launch a limited edition 3D. Does the hero? nothing more and nothing less than the fashion models: Miranda Kerr.

The Australian model stars in the Italian edition cover of September, with the peculiarity that its image can be seen in three dimensions. It's not a question of susmejore covers, and that does not go too pretty. That itself is very natural. It is the first time a fashion magazine chose the 3D on its cover, so we will have dressed in sunglasses to view it.

Kerr, who is among the most sought after models by parading as "Angel" by Victoria Secret, is according to Forbes magazine among the top ten highest paid models in the world. Moreover, in recent days notice by being her marriage to British actor Orlando Bloom, and future motherhood.

Exercises to Lose Weight

Ejercicios para bajar de peso These fitness programs combine elements such as aerobics, cardiovascular training, strength and endurance.

There are different fitness programs that can help you lose weight and be in shape, just be consistent and have fun while you exercise.

Body Attack

It is a fitness program choreographed and interval aerobic exercise combining low, medium and high intensity. During the class there are phases of cardio combined with strength training and resistance that provide an active recovery.

Body Attack is ideal for any fitness level. The expert instructors will give you the tools you need.

The classes are highly motivational, as they are dynamic and enjoyable music is used. All participants can achieve their fitness goals by following simple movements.

Some benefits are caloric expenditure, rapid improvement in general endurance, increased strength, improved cardio-respiratory endurance, increased coordination and agility, and muscle tone.

Body Balance

Recognized worldwide as the best kind "body-mind" is a training program that combines traditional Eastern disciplines such as Yoga and Tai Chi, with popular new methods such as Pilates, and Stretching.

In 60 minutes you can improve flexibility, balance and strength to enjoy the best music. Each exercise is designed to create harmony between breath and movement, action and relaxation, awareness and concentration. The result is a unique experience that will improve your quality of life.

Some of the benefits are well on the whole, improves flexibility, mobility, strength, coordination and balance, reduce stress levels and increases the ability to relax and also helps you lose weight.

Body Combat

Explosively popular in clubs and gyms across the world, combines moves easier and more effective than fighting techniques like boxing and martial arts, with the best music, resulting in a class incredibly effective, safe, easy and fun.

It was created and taught by experts, creates mental and physical benefits. Each class is dynamic and explosive movements that reduce stress, improve general well-being, self-esteem and confidence. At the same time improving cardiovascular fitness, coordination, strength, agility and flexibility. The music and choreography create a unique experience and energy will definitely change your body.

Body Jam

It is a group fitness class based on dancing and fun. For 60 minutes no one can stop training dancing to the music combined with the best steps.

Body Jam is an addictive fusion of dance and movement. The blend includes the latest trends in hip-hop, funk and Latin music, Caribbean rhythms, techno, disco-jazz and broadway.

Improves cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, release stress and inhibitions are some of the benefits of this exercise.

Body Pump

It is a training program that takes place with a bar and various weights discs, adaptable to every level of training. Everyone can share an hour of the best fitness training exercises, adapted and combined with music and guided by specially trained instructors for the class to have maximum safety and efficiency.

Body Pump With you strengthen, condition, tone and define your muscles in record time. High repetitions increase resistance and rapid metabolism to burn fat and powerful. Without complexity and high degree of fun, improve posture and movements help fight osteoporosis by increasing bone density.

Body Vive

It combines low-impact movements and resistance training with balls, rubber bands and dumbbells optionally, that let you choose exactly which train level and improve your health and achieve total wellness.

Improves muscle strength and endurance, increase cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and range of motion, flexibility and balance, posture,also reduces the risk of deterioration of the joints and bones, promotes weight loss by increasing energy intake and ensures that participants finish the class feeling completely rejuvenated and vibrating energy.

It is also ideal for pre and post natal exercise, for those recovering from injury and / or overweight and it is wonderful for beginners.

These routines will provide many health benefits, consultation with an expert to know how often you can practice, according to your physical condition. Get active today and improve your life!.

Monday, August 30, 2010

XL wool scarves (winter 2010 autumn 2011)

Catálogo de Zara otoño invierno 2010/2011

I love these scarves that come in the fall winter 2010/2011. They are very long and seem super warm! This type of accessories do they give me earn it gets cold YA because they seem so nice and comfortable, but hey, you live what is left of summer!

U2's Bono in the new Louis Vuitton campaign

Just to light a new Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Bono, U2 singer accompanied by his wife Ali Hewson.

In the photographs, taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz that typically conduct campaigns with leading figures of the French house, Bono and his wife appear EconLog signature clothing Edun, both founded in 2005 to foster trade with Africa.

The reason why the star shines because this brand is Louis Vuitton company owns 49% of the image, which is a good way to promote such initiatives.

Under the slogan 'Every Journey Began in Africa' (Every journey begins in Africa), the couple has shown their hand by donating his salary more united in this campaign direferentes NGOs.
In addition, with this campaign will be an exhibition of photographs of the shoot all over the world, whose proceeds will go to the organization Edun.

Fall Trends: 4. The jersey

As we did last week, is going to continue to review trends in the next autumn / winter.

This week started with the jerseys is that, what better than this piece against the cold winter?. Point and stomping back and taught us the great designers on the runways, from Stella McCartney and design Danys, through the après-ski sweater D & G Balenciaga to the modernist.

All of a multitude of possibilities in the form of a point, with different styles, cuts and also different types of point.

From cardigans knitted or crocheted fine to XXL and long serving classic sweater dress or smooth or checkered collegiate and preppy style.

But undoubtedly, the most wins this winter will be the type jerseys fretwork après-ski, very winter and ideal for wear during big snowstorms.

Hazlet.es renewed in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Gran Vía

Hazlet.es is renewed as a strategy to focus on aspects of everyday life.

Although not very frequent cases of cultural citations online clothing stores, this does not exist.

There is an online store while being clothing outlet always devote more attention to other aspects of daily life.

Hazlet.es unveils its new home with a "Window on the Gran Via", a tribute to the 100 Years of the Gran Via, historical and emblematic street of Madrid, host city of the famous online shop.

A single image in the middle between past and present with an implicit but strong and very current message: Stand Up, the world is out there ...

One Hundred Years of a King Street and a year of life for this young man clothing outlet that specializes in top brands that are getting more days days ever more popular.

Source: Press Release sent by netdesing.

Before and after January Jones in the 2010 Emmy Awards

January Jones at the 2010 Emmy Awards

One of the star of the night at the 2010 Emmy Awards was January Jones (Mad Men), which we have not yet featured on the red carpet.

She chose a dress for the occasion klein blue, short back and long in front. A sweetheart neckline designed by Versace, who seemed taken from another galaxy, since their cut is very original. Scales appear overlaid with sequins. This combined with sleek black stilettos. Very cute and one of the most iriginales looks.

After the party comes the calm, but never without losing glamor and style. And the actress, the next day and after a long night, we have seen walking and a monkey and informal

Add H & M Fall Winter 2010 2011

Abrigos de H&M, otoño invierno 2010 2011

Here are the new accesrorios of H & M for the autumn / winter 2010/2011 ! As you can see the camel of key trends in terms of bags, shoes and other accessories such as belts and hats.

Abrigos de H&M, otoño invierno 2010 2011

Photos: H & M, nitrolicious

Coats of H & M Fall Winter 2010 2011

Abrigos de H&M, otoño invierno 2010 2011

In H & M collection is coats autumn winter 2010/2011 and pretty interesting, although some to be H & M I think that is expensive! Some are already close to 80 euros ...

Has every possible trends such as layers and the camel color .

Abrigos de H&M, otoño invierno 2010 2011
The camel coat costs 79.95 euros and 24.95 euros hooded black.

Abrigos de H&M, otoño invierno 2010 2011

Click "continue reading" to see the rest of the coats of H & M Fall Winter 2010 2011:

Red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2010 (II)


And we continue with more outfits of the Emmy Awards 2010 held in Los Angeles. The white and black colors were winners of the night, besides the bright dress we saw in the first installment of the red carpet.

Eva Longoria could not miss the appointment and did, as always, beautiful. He chose for the occasion a strapless black dress, very tight, and some glue. A design by Robert Rodriguez. Without doubt, one of the most elgantes night.

Dressed in black was also Angela Kinsey, a model of romantic lace-tailed and Romona Keveza.

Red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2010


One year has held the Emmy Awards, the Oscars of television. As for outfits, which is what we like in Trendencias, we have seen a very wide red carpet, full of glamor and elegance. Here I show you a first delivery

The two most elegant of the night were Claire Danes and Diana Agron. Each with a different style but equally elegant. The first was an impressive collection Armani Privé Fall / Winter 2010 Haute Couture. A model beautiful strapless full of Swarovski crystals.

Red Carpet: 2010 Emmy Awards

Alfombra roja: Premios Emmy 2010

Here are the best dressed of the red carpet for 2010 Emmy Awards, the Oscars of television. "

Alfombra roja: Premios Emmy 2010

Rose Byrne Greek Gucci dress.

Alfombra roja: Premios Emmy 2010

Maria Menounos with a spectacular Swarovski crystal dress from Ralph & Russo.

Alfombra roja: Premios Emmy 2010

Heidi Klum in style, wearing pien, a Marchesa. I love the necklace!

Alfombra roja: Premios Emmy 2010

Dianna Agron was the most elegant with this Carolina Herrera.

Folk Fashion Fall Winter 2010 2011

Moda Folk otoño invierno 2010 2011

This autumn winter 2010/2011 folk style becomes too hard, takes a lot of dresses with floral prints certain airs hippies, long point , fringed suede boots , sheepskin details , pictures, etc..

Moda Folk otoño invierno 2010 2011
What do you think? A crazy about me!

Tips against oily skin

Mascarillas para piel grasa It is a problem that may derive from adolescence and attempts to eliminate many do not succeed and you still have oily skin every day making the skin look too bright.

However much you try to dominate and mask is uncomfortable for women and in many cases there is no makeup to cover it, and you can continue beyond adolescence.

Oily skin can result from various reasons and factors, poor diet, hormonal imbalances, stress and even hygiene. But to attempt to remedy the annoying problem, follow these tips.

You can find specific products in particular to avoid the shine on the face, lotion for oily skin and even special tonic for oily skin. Keep in mind that where it accumulates over the so-called T zone, forehead, nose and chin.

You can also point these tips to make your skin every day is fat free and have a healthy look.

Wash skin with soap and water 2 times daily. Avoid cosmetics to cleaning both makeup that contain alcohol because it would have the opposite effect because they generate more oil. Use a special base for this type of skins and color to neutralize the shine mate.

And obviously if the problem persists, see a dermatologist.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Trends: The celebrities will get off on ...

Last week we did a review of the three key trends in coats and jackets for this fall and in this post we will make a kind of summary and wearable show you what are you three pieces and that some of our favorite celebrities have begun to show them off . Let it.

1. Aviator Jacket.

I already talked to the aviator jacket would be among the 'must have' the imminent fall, Burberry and through his voluminous collection models autumn. And as you see, two of the fashion icons from experience and have begun to use: Alexa Chung and Gossip Girl, Blake Lively. Two different styles and two forms of carry: for a party on a little black dress, is the most chic, or for a cold day of autumn in which you want to be comfortable. Countless possibilities.

2. Camel Coat.

The camel, or brown will be the color of the season and thanks to Chloe and autumn collection we get the camel-colored coats. Two girls like it very british actress Keira Knightley and model Lily Cole, they've already worn. As you can see two styles for the same garment: lady and femme fatale, very '70s style as Keira and more boho, as Lily.

3. Capa.

A difficult piece, but adept at winning every time and knows that if you take advantage, may become more chic coat for this winter. And again, two different styles to show its many possibilities. Natalie Portman with a blue cloak in a very preppy style outfit and again, Blake Lively, with a coat / jacket in more boho outfit, which has worn during the filming of an episode of Gossip Girl.

In the coming days, more on new trends.

Charlize Theron and Orlando Bloom, ambassadors Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear brand that has swept in countries like the U.S., so it is not surprising that the firm has decided to look at two of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, to become ambassadors and actors in their upcoming campaigns .

Charlize Theron and Orlando Bloom have been chosen to advertise and promote the Japanese firm worldwide to sign a one-year contract.

The two stars of Hollywood will be the stars of its new international campaign entitled 'Made For All' and we're already eager to see some pictures of it.

And they might be treated more glamorous signings (and pack) that has made a signature of level of Uniqlo (a signature is very famous but not high-end or luxury) and is very sure of success should be responsible for the Japanese firm to spend so much money to hire two Hollywood greats.

With such beauty, we are confident that Charlize Theron and Orlando Bloom will achieve its objectives: to leave us all speechless and willing to buy at Uniqlo.

Summary of the best of the week of 23 to 29 August

ashley greene white dress

Hastening the last days of summer and the heat we are suffering, we still think summer looks, as do our famous, who kept his style these days , as seen in Ebayers and ideas with the ever versatile looks elegant white dresses .

The summer vacation is also a good time to try the DIY. We propose several ideas for customizing T-shirts, bags and necklaces.

But while we think of sun, sand, and an air conditioner that relieves us from heat, cover and bring to us and marks the fall in its pages and in their lookbook.

Mango Catalog: Fall Winter 2010 2011

Miu Miu, moda primavera verano 2010

How about Mango's catalog this fall ? This is clothing mature classic clothing to ocher, brown and gray, quite in your line.

The catalog is divided into four series: Evening, City, Working Girl and Blue Jeans.

Evening Line (evening) it makes much of the color red and chocolate tones in clothing inspired in the 70s and masculine touches.

Miu Miu, moda primavera verano 2010

City are in urban fashion in a style quite eclectic.

Miu Miu, moda primavera verano 2010

Working girl shows (as the name suggests) clothing for work. Cut trousers and jackets perfect for a minimal look with-again-some male touches.

Linkedin Tutorial

Linkedin Tutorial

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shoulder school bags

The shoulder bags are very trendy this autumn winter 2010/2011 and is a perfect complement to go to work like going to your school! It takes so much leather as before, and seduced by the patterns like animal print. It seems ideal for a college look!

The best look of the week 23 to 29 August: choose your favorite


August is ending and with it will break many come to an end. But there is reason to be depressed, we encourage having a look at the beautiful dresses to choose the best look of the week from 23 to 29 August.

This week we have to point out to Kate Beckinsale with her white Versace at the premiere of Going the Distance .

They coincided with the protagonist of the film , Drew Barrymore, ideal for my taste, except the shoes (I know that my taste does not match all). The shoes are Monis, a classic, I agree with Bestboy, but not stuck at all with that dress and have style is to wear clothes more divine, we must also take them and combine them know.

Christian Louboutin designs shoes.

In a time now, the shoe designer Christian Louboutin has become the favorite designer of Hollywood celebrities, whether it will be easier to tell you that celebrity has not one of his precious footwear designs red sole, if there is.

Such is the fever Louboutin to the very Carrie Bradshaw of 'Sex and the City', betraying his beloved Manolo Blahnik in the second and final installment of the film.

Now, the designer has decided to seek another type of public (including the accent), or at least make the celebrities can also display their designs in the most intimate moments and relaxation during premieres and red carpets.

And it has decided to create a line of sneakers the most striking: with studs and all types of animal prints that we are sure will not leave anyone indifferent.

Now celebrities can go shopping easily ... and celebrities say because only they can afford to pay $ 2,400 for a pair of sneakers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Maje autumn winter 2010 2011, advance

Maje otoño invierno 2010 20111

Here's a preview of the new proposal Maje for autumn / winter 2010/2011.

Photo: Rue Elenart