Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 2011 Autumn Winter Fashion: Clothing Leather

Moda otoño invierno 2010 2011: Ropa de cuero

In all collections and catalogs autumn winter 2010/2011 is a fabric that is repeated, and s leather (or possibly leatherette) and is found in many clothes and accessories , but especially in dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts and gloves.

How about this trend? Do you think it will come to the street? Since then I am convinced that hunters are going to win but in skirts or dresses I have not so clear ...

It is undoubtedly a trend leather is somewhat complex because depending on the garment does not help much and then, another drawback is the price, the leather is not cheap but there are imitated in synthetic leather that is of all kinds, and thanks to God getting better and better!

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