Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Andres Calamaro close your account on Twitter with a 'herd of idiots'

It is clear that social networks like Facebook and Twitter, are great promotional tools for artists of all kinds. Today, whether you're a musician, actor, filmmaker, photographer, painter or any other artistic profession, if you have some account of these social networks forget to succeed ... in fact, one can say that not exist.

That must have thought the renowned Argentine singer Andrés Calamaro, who also have an updated blog, created a Twitter account to be aware of its more than 100,000 followers of what was happening in the artist's career.

After all the support received through Twitter, the Argentine singer has decided to close your account. So far all is right and everyone can choose to have it or not.

The problem comes when the singer writes a post entitled "Twitter idiot" on his blog, calling the social network of "a chorus of subnormal 'or ensuring that" Those 140 characters can metérselos deep in the middle of keyhole' among other niceties.

Their social network seguidres are horrified, and that one thing is hate social networks, and another is insulting to your own fans, right?

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