Thursday, August 26, 2010

Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 TMX


And we know more collections and proposals for the next Fall-Winter 2010/2011. The proposed TMX collection for next season with a clear inspiration from the classic elegance of the '40s, the era marked by the glamorous style of actresses Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis.

A return to the marked lines, raising the waistbands, highlighting women's femininity and sensuality with styling add-ons like the long gloves and berets with different applets.

The firm is proposing urban looks with a palpable eighties-inspired line dresses and tops surmounted with applique pads highlighted as beads, sequins and Swarovski crystals, perfect for cold nights but no less sophisticated.


Overlaps and leggings remain an important part of that cosmopolitan look, daring and distinguished simultaneously.


For the day, parts undisputed stars of this winter are knitted oversize sweaters and wool coats and wide and straight, simple cuts and military structure.


For evening dresses with sophisticated details are the garment star. I love this design that is elegant yet classic. The first picture is a perfect example of a cocktail dress: simple and elagante. I love the detail of the loop, which also takes a lot this winter.


This model seems divine to shine at any party. Details of feather-shaped sequins add a touch of chic, the style charlestyon.

All this without forgetting a classic TMX: T-shirts. In this new season, the company proposes a wide line of shirts in different fabrics and versions, ideal to combine with jeans.


As for the colors, the colors must for this winter are black, navy, and camel, the severity of the winter break with some ocher and burgundy tiles. Shades do not like anything.

For this season highlights the mohair, wool, leather, but most of the hair. A mosaic of influences and styles that draws a collection destined to become standard reference for its quality and refined design.

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