Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blogs and fashion: the cocktail

blog entry and fashion

This Week in Blogs and fashion: the cocktail, as summer ends and begins the fall, or face the Rentrée. Our dear bloggers made in Spain give us more clues than ever about what we're going to wear this fall. Ideas that come to us very well for this time when it starts to cool and change the colors of our wardrobe.

We have our game-clones most expert of the network to the it-girl quintessential Spanish, the author that more art conveys his posts ... Want to see what they bring us our favorite bloggers?

We started with Cameron, the writer of one of the blogs here every month for days. Original, funny and fierce as to hunt copies are concerned. The author of "The Devil Wears Zara" ahead of us one of the pieces that we will struggle to find this fall-winter jacket Aviator. Of course the great Cameron helps us find the versions low cost.

Aviator clones

The first, listed garment Burberry Prorsum and the second, more affordable Primark.

We continue with our blogger most watched and persecuted. She's Gala, the "Am-Lul Closet", a pioneer in blogging and styles. His latest looks can draw inspiration for the fall. Ponchos, raincoats, pants, shoes, beautiful and much more find your blog. I love the yellow jersey, take note!

gala blogs

Speaking of inspiration, we came across the blog of Miss at la Playa "where we find a summary of the looks of a Celebritie inspiration to many, Rachel Bilson. The author of this blog that breathes beauty has left us with looks so perfect and easy to copy like this.

rachel bilson blog

And finally, we must not forget that one way to start the new course fashionista is a good haircut or a makeover. This is what must have thought the actress Emma Watson has been cut loose and make way for a cut inspiration Mia Farrow in the end of the escape of Jean-Luc Godard. For us it is gorgeous and author of "Be trendy my friend" too, has devoted a post to your blog to this story.

emma watson blog

"What you have prepared you to face the Rentrée?

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