Thursday, August 26, 2010

The classics never die

Rise into the air and move it some time. Simply closing your eyes I can feel the breeze and how exciting it must be that feeling. When we talk about flying the association inevitably leads us to think about the people who run the flight, the intrepid aviators or pilots.

So today let's talk about flight and the return of the aviator style. The clothes are inspired by the aviators of the years 1940-1950 using mainly the skin and sheepskin linings to achieve through the courts closer to the style raised, although the primary focus to achieve this character to evoke are the accessories, mainly glasses.

One of the trends in the world of young men's fashion that has been observed on the runways have been the inspiration jackets aviator style is characterized by large lapels and collars lined with sheepskin thus creating a contrast between brown skin tones or black and ecru, and a characteristic fusion of textures, that make these jackets a piece that goes out of style and also will break the windows with force this fall.

As for the pants that complement the Aviator model, are characterized by the forceps and beige tones with voluminous shapes at the seams for the pockets.

But what will the essential touch glasses and hats, that we'll find a wide variety of styles, yes, somehow respecting the classic forms of the 40s to get to emulate the mood of the pilots of that era. Past and present again to join (if they ever have been separated) to give rise to a bold and energetic style, yet elegant.

In the following images we can see some of these accessories star, as these glasses designed by Victoria Beckham:

Or the next models of the famous brand Ray-Ban that through classical forms make their trend and mounts are now:

Through these models and examples we can specify the style we are talking about that we will improve when combined with a cap of this type and gloves in addition to the mythical hunter I was talking about earlier. With all these additions and we are ready to fly to the latest trend.

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