Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exercises to Lose Weight

Ejercicios para bajar de peso These fitness programs combine elements such as aerobics, cardiovascular training, strength and endurance.

There are different fitness programs that can help you lose weight and be in shape, just be consistent and have fun while you exercise.

Body Attack

It is a fitness program choreographed and interval aerobic exercise combining low, medium and high intensity. During the class there are phases of cardio combined with strength training and resistance that provide an active recovery.

Body Attack is ideal for any fitness level. The expert instructors will give you the tools you need.

The classes are highly motivational, as they are dynamic and enjoyable music is used. All participants can achieve their fitness goals by following simple movements.

Some benefits are caloric expenditure, rapid improvement in general endurance, increased strength, improved cardio-respiratory endurance, increased coordination and agility, and muscle tone.

Body Balance

Recognized worldwide as the best kind "body-mind" is a training program that combines traditional Eastern disciplines such as Yoga and Tai Chi, with popular new methods such as Pilates, and Stretching.

In 60 minutes you can improve flexibility, balance and strength to enjoy the best music. Each exercise is designed to create harmony between breath and movement, action and relaxation, awareness and concentration. The result is a unique experience that will improve your quality of life.

Some of the benefits are well on the whole, improves flexibility, mobility, strength, coordination and balance, reduce stress levels and increases the ability to relax and also helps you lose weight.

Body Combat

Explosively popular in clubs and gyms across the world, combines moves easier and more effective than fighting techniques like boxing and martial arts, with the best music, resulting in a class incredibly effective, safe, easy and fun.

It was created and taught by experts, creates mental and physical benefits. Each class is dynamic and explosive movements that reduce stress, improve general well-being, self-esteem and confidence. At the same time improving cardiovascular fitness, coordination, strength, agility and flexibility. The music and choreography create a unique experience and energy will definitely change your body.

Body Jam

It is a group fitness class based on dancing and fun. For 60 minutes no one can stop training dancing to the music combined with the best steps.

Body Jam is an addictive fusion of dance and movement. The blend includes the latest trends in hip-hop, funk and Latin music, Caribbean rhythms, techno, disco-jazz and broadway.

Improves cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, release stress and inhibitions are some of the benefits of this exercise.

Body Pump

It is a training program that takes place with a bar and various weights discs, adaptable to every level of training. Everyone can share an hour of the best fitness training exercises, adapted and combined with music and guided by specially trained instructors for the class to have maximum safety and efficiency.

Body Pump With you strengthen, condition, tone and define your muscles in record time. High repetitions increase resistance and rapid metabolism to burn fat and powerful. Without complexity and high degree of fun, improve posture and movements help fight osteoporosis by increasing bone density.

Body Vive

It combines low-impact movements and resistance training with balls, rubber bands and dumbbells optionally, that let you choose exactly which train level and improve your health and achieve total wellness.

Improves muscle strength and endurance, increase cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and range of motion, flexibility and balance, posture,also reduces the risk of deterioration of the joints and bones, promotes weight loss by increasing energy intake and ensures that participants finish the class feeling completely rejuvenated and vibrating energy.

It is also ideal for pre and post natal exercise, for those recovering from injury and / or overweight and it is wonderful for beginners.

These routines will provide many health benefits, consultation with an expert to know how often you can practice, according to your physical condition. Get active today and improve your life!.

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