Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Trends: 4. The jersey

As we did last week, is going to continue to review trends in the next autumn / winter.

This week started with the jerseys is that, what better than this piece against the cold winter?. Point and stomping back and taught us the great designers on the runways, from Stella McCartney and design Danys, through the après-ski sweater D & G Balenciaga to the modernist.

All of a multitude of possibilities in the form of a point, with different styles, cuts and also different types of point.

From cardigans knitted or crocheted fine to XXL and long serving classic sweater dress or smooth or checkered collegiate and preppy style.

But undoubtedly, the most wins this winter will be the type jerseys fretwork après-ski, very winter and ideal for wear during big snowstorms.

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