Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gucci's announcement by Frank Miller

The well-known American comic artist Frank Miller, author of Batman: The return of the lord of the night, 300, Spirit and Sin City, has inspired all his work for an ad for Gucci. Do protagonists? Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans.

Guilty Gucci, which is the name of the advertising spot, a kind of short, full of strength and imagination, and is clearly based on the movie Sin City. I do not know if you saw but it is a replica. Gucci Miller wanted to rely on for their originality and do different things, and truth, in regards to advertisements has succeeded because we had not previously seen anything like it, but compared with the film ... not cost him much let their imagination.

In this clip I show only an advance, since until next September 12th will not be able to enjoy the ad in its entirety. It will be during the time the MTV Music Awards.

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