Monday, August 23, 2010

How to be liked by others

Cómo caer bien a los demás Although falling really well to the new people you know is called 'bonding' and if you do not belong to that group so select, you can do and develop close personal relationships without being envious of those who squander charm.

Since connecting with others and be liked is a matter of making them feel comfortable especially in the first impression and that can be controlled and overcome preconceived images, prejudices and jealousies.

The way to introduce yourself to others, express what you face and how to behave in a conversation and the position taken by your body and you are saying a lot but say nothing. So the first rule of thumb is to look into the eyes, smile and maintain friendly posture, trying not to cross the arms.

Therefore the rules to make a good impression even if the former is not fair, it will open many doors and so follow these tips.

Be positive. People with an optimistic and positive vision often cause better impression than those who see the glass as half empty. And the only reason to drop it is transmitting good energy.

Do not criticize. If the first presentation you choose one of the worst roads and criticize, and will not cause good sense to start criticizing others can always give the impression that you are judgmental and put the cookie warning to the rest, putting the label of 'you are not from Dependable. "

You have to integrate and interact but do not pretend to be a monologue or monopolize the conversation and just telling your war stories that will give a good impression and think you want to be the center of attention.

Modesty first. One of the flaws that give a poor image is arrogance. Believe than the rest is often poorly seen "The people who speak humbly earns more points.

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