Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lindsay Lohan to Grace Kelly in Vanity Fair, the Emmy Awards, the arrest of Paris Hilton and more in the week Poprosa


As the summer seems to go coming to an end, what with that and started in September, as we all change the chip and we think about the long winter that lies ahead. Still, any time is good to face a new summary of the best of Poprosa. To begin I will make this new cover of Vanity Fair where Lindsay Lohan gets the better of herself as well as their words are also sensed that wants to amend the past, though it will cost you, the way things are.

While no doubt the news of the week has a distinctly award, the Emmy where we saw a lot of couples showing off as cute, a lot of outfits and large momentazos as introducing it to the show. At least that was saved details gala could not be more boring.


Of course, if we talk about big news, we can not fail to mention that Paris Hilton is back to have another brush with the law. Yes, the heiress has once again been arrested for possession of cocaine with her new boyfriend. As you can see and have as much practice in that pose for the police file that comes up fine.

In the framework of couples rose loves to have new Amaia Salamanca has been linked to Rosauro Baro that hits nothing. Although we have also seen Patricia Conde in the company of a covered employer Mallorca. Across the pond has been Dianna Agron which has surprised us with a new boyfriend. And if some are joining others like Miley Cyrus and her chulazo have separated .


Of course, we want you to know that Bustamante was present at Mr. Universe, with such a great body has it all done. Even if we talk guaperas must say that Ian Somerhalder , has become the sexiest among the beasts, even ousting Robert Pattinson. Of course, nothing to do with them we have Mariah Carey in which, after his last appearances, the press wonders if you are pregnant, which I'm not surprised with the amount of size which has risen lately.

Finally for the more curious we have a look at Kim Kardashian's family to better understand how the socialite living environment.

And that Poprosa the weekly summary, use of the last hours of August, the thing is over. Be good.

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