Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loewe Ubrique again

According to a story we read in the signing of the manufacturing group LMVH again in the Spanish town:

(Loewe returned to Ubrique to return to the leather sector some hope. With a rush order of 12,000 bags, 200 people have recovered their jobs, at least for this summer. Voices from the area of skin on Sierra de Cádiz are already talking about recovery, slow, though. All expectations are posted in the last quarter of the year. In September, the Christmas season, with more orders from international firms such as Carolina Herrera and Cartier). Source RTVA .

Augurábamos timidly this round of signatures since we read that some fear a possible armed conflict in Asia, block shipping in the area. Or just suffering from relocation, resenting this in product quality or fear a future purchase intelligent and protection from the European customer. Whatever it is, the smart move of the house because, as in Loewe Ubrique not manufactured anywhere and stone's throw from the main European capitals of fashion, does anyone offer more?.

Commenting on the new collection of Loewe, and you will have more detail, but as augur and you can see in the picture, the color is felt this season supplements and especially green that we like to

Source: Press Release sent by ubrike.

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