Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The look of Princess Letizia at the wedding of Nicholas of Greece


European royalty is back in the wedding. This is the link of Nicholas of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik, held in a paradiasico: the Greek island Spetses. And one of the most anticipated is the looks of Princess Letizia, as long as comomentada and analyzed in all the fashion magazines and websites.

Letizia once again has made me love it. Not that there dazed as he does every time he wears red, but it is among the most elgantes of what I have seen so far. The princess has chosen for this occasion an asymmetrical cut gown, inspired by Greek, very appropriate for the site. A color model zul heaven gauze with silver. And shawl games. Security of your unconditional Felipe Varela.

As for styling, this time has opted for the hair down and it looks great. The supplements we can not see, but I bet by platform peep-toes and clutch. As you have more photos of the hang.

As for the look of the Infanta Cristina and Elena, I can only say that I do not like anything. Cristina has a floral print dress large black and white. And Elena a striped pattern of pastel colors.

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