Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looks to go to the office at the time of halftime 2010/2011

Mango Satar

In times of halftime is difficult to dress for work. So in Trendencias we show some proposals available to all. And if you you like the style in the office make notes and notes.

The suit pants and jacket is a very serious look but it is essentially what we call a wardrobe. All we need to have a suit jacket, because we can draw from many troubles. You can combine a shirt or crew neck shirt. It is also perfect for autumn season, because if we are hot we can remove the jacket and stay "in his shirt sleeves."


Mango halftime Garments Fall / Winter 2010/2011

You can complete your look with a peep-toes boots, which are one of the trends, and a bracelet XXL which will give a chic and casual to dress.


If you have a meeting very seriously, the tailor black and white shirt never fail. The black-white combination is perfect.


The dresses are another basic garments halftime. In winter we seem to get lazy gives more middle and high heels, so autumn is the ideal time to wear it. fine silk fabrics, satin or cotton


The skirt shirt is combined with another trend that never fails. You can also combine with knitted sweaters that both take this Fall-Winter. These are proposed tieera color, the tone of fashion, which in truth I do not like.


Another star of any wardrobe clothing is jeans. The black or dark blue to match shirts and Blazier morning is ideal. It can be very elegant with a shirt.

Mango Jeans Fall-Winter 2010/2011

In many companies Fridays are casual days, so it takes that day and be yourself. Choose a more casual style with a fun shirt. This is because the denim is denim. With dancers, boots, high heels, boots and be right.

Zara Jeans Fall-Winter 2010/2011

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