Monday, August 23, 2010

Madonna can not use 'Material Girl' to call her clothing line.

As everyone will know Madonna, the pop superstar of the twentieth century is not only famous for its music and know how to adapt your style to new musical trends. It is also famous for their membership in different religious groups, make movies and now also by designing clothes.

Together with her eldest daughter Lourdes Maria, 14, has created a clothing line very eighties and youth, based on the clothes that Madonna wore in the 80s and both have influenced the dress of Lourdes Maria, converted since years in a love fashion.

This clothing line, whose advertising campaign starring another passionate fashion of the 80s, the 'Gossip Girl' Taylor Momsen, wore the name 'Material Girl', in honor of one of the most legendary songs of Madonna.

And we had because it seems that Madonna is going to have to rename it because it does not have the right to that name. And is that a company called LA Triumph, Inc., claiming the name as their own and ensures that lead used in their own clothing line since 1997 and is therefore, that the queen of pop can not use this name, which often has been called, to promote her clothing line.

During these weeks, Madonna will face different legal procedures, although it has to lose, we'll see as is the case.

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