Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moles are in vogue: the tricks of the streetstylers

Lunar fashion: the tricks of the streetstylers

One of the trends we've seen this summer has been to moles or moles. The famous have chosen several times for his looks, street, highlighting among other Michelle Obama. But nothing like the real streetstylers to learn their tricks when combined and wear this style.

Ideas for any time, especially for day to day, to get around the city and enjoy the day in a lighthearted manner. It is a style that we enjoy what's left of summer and early fall we will use.

Dressed in polka dots on the street looks

Lunar street fashion look: Dress

From the outset we see a white dress with polka dots in black. Now it's the other side. Dressed in black with white spots. Shorter measurement, half leg and with minimal neck straps inside the boat, which leaves us minimum air shoulders. It also incorporates a minimum sleeve length. Yes, the crucifix better leave it in the drawer.

Street fashion look Moles: Moles

Here is a similar idea but combined with a leather jacket for fall, with higher neckline and straps. No missing socks or boots.

Lunar look fashionable street style

This pattern can look in a more reduced, with tiny white spots that are great on a black background. Best to take the plunge and go to fall apart from the summer.

Lunar street fashion look: white

Another minimalist, almost pointillist, is to change again the order of colors. White background and black for points. Socks and boots are now combined with a burgundy cardigan.

Looks street in a skirt with polka dots

Lunar street fashion look: Skirt

Short skirts is one of the best clothes to wear polka dots. The streetstylers know and choose them for this summer. Skirts with blue background and white spots. Yes, the combination could be improved. While high leather boots are back, better to choose a most charming. What never fails is the belt or a romantic blouse.

Lunar street fashion look: white skirt

The design is ideal for the summer to white center. Black and white never fails. But more style when wear it.

Tops and shirts with polka dots

Lunar street fashion look: top

For fall also kept the polka dot shirts with large moles on them. Spacious, no tight to the figure, and mixing the black and white on the surface.

Lunar street fashion look: black and white

It can be combined as desired, or with a short skirt or a long.

Lunar street fashion look: corset

The tops and corsets also have their place and black shorts look is achieved.

Lunar street fashion look: transparencies

Even if we have transparency like to wear polka-dot blouses with jeans shorts.

The chosen medium and panaoe stretstylerstions of lunar

Lunar street fashion look: average

The means may be an alternative if we are not wearing any of the above but we do like this pattern.

Lunar street fashion look pants

And if not, we still have the pants, but it is the garment that looks less like this.

Photos | Jessica T. , Manda A. , Sarah B. , Ari C. , A. Merel , Lily M. , Olivia G. , G. Vic , Mirna P. , S. Anna , Stephanie C. , Coury C. , Kai P.

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