Saturday, August 21, 2010

The new virtual tester Zara

The website of Zara

Mango was first and was followed by Adolfo Dominguez, Women's Secret and Springfield, and recently Armand Bassi, Custo Barcelona and Punto Blanco. And how do you know, Zara is now the rule which encourages sell their clothes online. Amancio Ortega wants to increase their income and had to go through the hoop. Another industry giant, the English Court, advanced to the Inditex group and the beginning of this summer launched a new portal for online clothing sales.

The website is almost ready and I say almost because they are doing the final test via a beta version. The release date is September 2, so fans of Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and the UK can start shopping from home.

The images you see are an example of how it will choose the virtual fitting garments . The site may encontarar the entire collection, including shoes, handbags and other accessories.

Via | The Guardian

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