Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ricky Martin prepares his autobiography

Although still lacking a bit for publication (is planned departure date for the November 2), Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin has announced, via his Twitter account, which will be the cover of his autobiography, entitled ' Me (I) '.

The book, to be published by Zebra / Penguin, will review the personal and professional life of the singer. From his childhood and its passage by the Puerto Rican musical group 'Menudo', to work in various soap operas and his first success as a solo singer until the adoption of her twins and the recent announcement of his homosexuality.

The writing of this memoir and meditation and reviewing all stages of their lives, were instrumental Ricky Martin dedicated to making their homosexuality public, giving the world to know how proud you are of who he is.

What about people like Ricky Martin write his biography? Would you be interested in reading it?

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