Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September, return to routine

Septiembre, volver a la rutina

September is always an intensive month and is back to the routine after the holidays is never easy. Back to the obligations it costs but it is always both a time of challenge, new plans and projects, good intentions and new hope s.

Back to work, to school, the gym , the healthy diet , losing weight , ... or, start again! An exciting and very stimulating, and it is nothing like new adventures and projects to give a touch of sparkle to the remainder of the year. And since you have kids back to school with more things to prepare and deal!

On the other hand, soon will enter the fall, lowered temperatures and the rains start, there will be fewer hours of sunshine, that is, nothing will say goodbye to the beloved summer! The change of season can sit like a shot on all anime, but I just really noticed anything!

I enjoy new landscapes and falling leaves, and even very superficial I love winter clothes. Although I also recognize that the typical pattern hair loss and get back white as milk does not amuse me anything!

What's more, in September regarding events and fashion is a month that I love, I would say that is a month entertaining and intense, not only for the necessary change of wardrobe with the arrival of the new trends of autumn winter 2010 / 2011, but the Fashion Weeks!

In September we have many parades in front! Which I enjoy very much! From 9 to 18 have the New York Fashion Week, then overlap of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week and London, which are 17 to 22, and already at the end of September in Paris who starts on the 28th.

But there is more, also celebrated on 9 September Vogue's Fashion Night Outen Madrid International Film Festival in Venice (from 1 to 11), Bimba & Lola and Zara premiere online store , it's Ikea catalog , etc.

What new projects and challenges you in September?

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