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Shalom Harlow, an unmistakable style

shalom harlow

If a few weeks ago we told you about Kristen McMenamy , a whole 90's Supermodel a resurgent hard, today's turn to another great model in the same fifth and also has been in the shadow of larger, but talent and track record that deserves recognition.

This is Shalom Harlow, a model that more girls may recognize it as being recent image of H & M last season or being an image of the campaign for cosmetics Chanel in recent years, but behind it has a history of more extensive.

Born in Canada 1973, now has 37 years, but that has not prevented to see parade recently. His great love was very young ballet fans who subsequently helped him to create his own style when parading, outlandish and overly mannered (I recommend watching video at the end of post), but imitated by many models today even created a trend in which many already called gateway Shalom's Style.

shalom harlow

Their discovery does not stop being curious, at least the official version, which tells how Anne Sutherland, creator of the Canadian agency Sutherland Models , Shalom Harlow met when she was 16 years in a concert of The Cure, where the scouts suggested he might have a future in the fashion world.

Yes, she was one of those rare privilege that without eating or drinking he got the chance. "Suspicious? yes, why deny it, but in the absence of another version will be fought by good.

Anyway, soon began work as a model, dropping out of high school and ballet and begin to travel to Toronto and Montreal, where would your first steps into the world of fashion, specifically with a session for Elle Quebec and later his first cover for the Canadian magazine Images in 1993.

shalom harlow

And from there he hoped Paris, his trial by fire. Its height and features powerfully called the attention of designers at the time did not trust anyone who should not be considered a Top with a capital.

But Shalom got it, and lead a second batch of supermodels during the first half of the nineties with her best friend Amber Valletta, with which it was rumored that they had something more than friendship.

His debut as a fashion model took place in Paris in 1993 for Christian Dior and later in haute couture for Valentino. His jaw marked contrast with the light eyes and dark hair and liked a lot, actually the next year became the image of Gianfranco Ferre, Alberta Ferretti and Coco Chanel perfume.

shalom harlow

Fell in grace Karl Lagerfeld soon saw it as a favorite, becoming one of the fixed stars in the show of Chanel both Ready to Wear and Haute Couture and thus arriving at its most intense years as a model to go since 1995 until 2000.

In those years achieved major portals such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and different versions of Vogue, with special emphasis this mythical cover you see below along with its inseparable Amber Valletta for Vogue UK in 1995 and repeated months later for the American version and years afterwards for Harper's Bazaar.


Besides image became Versace (1997 and 1999), L'Oréal (1997) and Armani (1998) among many others. During those years also receive several awards as the prize VH1/Vogue the best model in 1995. That same year he would make his first steps inTV presenting a program on MTV with Amber Valletta had become the inseparable companion of Shalom Harlow.

That ease that acquired television brought him to jump into the world of film, getting roles in films that went unnoticed as In & Out or I lose my head and movies with a little more flashy as Vanilla Sky and The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer.

shalom harlow

Such involvement in the world of film made Shalom Harlow slowly go away from the runway, especially since 2000, where practically devoted mainly to film.

Anyway, do not leave from all over the fashion world, although its pace on the catwalk is less, the years that followed, the continue to see parade for Chanel, Dior, Gaultier and certainly Viktor & Rolf, because Shalom is the true muse of Netherlands partner.

11 351-800w-3.jpg

What campaigns were not abandoned, which is better rewarded and which is less sacrificed to a supermodel as our protagonist, appearing in campaigns like the Gap (2002), Tifany & Co (2005) and Ralph Lauren (2006) and all campaigns such as Guerlain cosmetics or Nars.

From 2007 to present its cache back up through the roof, they return to be applied to important campaigns such as Chloe with Freja Beha, Anja Rubik, Valentino, and especially the campaign of H & M and the line cosmetics Chanel with whom he has repeated the last three seasons, which show that Shalom Harlow is living a second youth.

Shalom Harlow Photos and Videos

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