Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take vacation days to do crafts with clothing

DIY clothing

We are draining the last days of vacation, and although it may feel like what is more we wander, we can also use these days to make some crafts with your clothes. These DIY ideas that we propose for the hand of Instyle are easy to make and will help you to customize your style.

With very few materials you can get these three pieces so fashionable: a collar tie, a shirt and a bag decorated with tacks.

To get all you need is a chain collar and tie, for example, rose. Go entering the loop, interspersed in the chain and leaves open a few inches of fabric to attach the collar with a bow.

Necklace DIY

The shirt is also easy to make, with several gold safety pins you can create the figures you want on a shirt a bit loose. Here you have the form of two stars on each sleeve, but you can make the design you want.

DIY T-shirt

If you have a purse type bombonera (at H & M has bags of this style good price), and want to give it a rock feel, put several brackets and pins at the base, taking care to bend the ends once crossed for that prick.

diy ribbon necklace

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