Monday, August 23, 2010

Tavi in the land of fashion-wonderland. His first job as a stylist


What an fashion. When one takes years and perjured oath that this frivolous little and that the phrase that Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada, which launched knife on his assistant about the importance of the sector's true that news of the three, one encounters the time to time with things that leave him stunned and hoped that none of their conversations to discover under pain of being forced to prove them right.

Blogger 13 shooting in his bizarre, at the same time refreshing and daring looks, in a blog. Blog national team which triumphed in the territories of waka waka. Blogger 13 Pop magazine cover ¿¿??, in front rows with the greatest creators ¿¿¿???, consultant created a collection for Target .. Rodarte ... and now what things Tavi, teen blogger style rookie had his first session as a fashion stylist. Specifically for Blackbook.


But what things .... To almost gives it a faint eighteenth. I can not imagine the photographer percale, ordering change of light while at his side a tiny girl under 16 carries for fashion stylist, positioning, combining, creating, imagining .... I imagine that the matter will be making off with cash, and that soon we will see hanging in any self-respecting web.


Aside from the styling is a profession that is unknown about everything, I'm happy for her. And I wonder Is it true that the model chosen for the debut was Chloe Sevigny and scheduling problems that could not be?

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