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Tips for a light dinner

Trucos para una cena ligera

A light dinner is one that finds the balance between the necessary nutrients and calories than we burn, and moreover, we do not weigh in the stomach. Usually we get through to prioritize the consumption of vegetables and accompany with products high in protein but not fat. For example, a light dinner salad would be a complete (leading lettuce, tomato, carrot, cheese, egg and tuna), and a yogurt dessert.

However, if you ask there is a light dinner, talking to many will answer a couple of pieces of fruit, some cereal with yogurt, or a miniensalada. That's not a light dinner ... dinner is enough ! The dinner should give us about 20% of daily calories, and eat little impact on health problems and even care! of obesity.

Want to know how to eat enough from the point of view and nutritious diet, but without breaking with the calories ? Read on!

  • Cook food to the plate, the foil or steamed.
  • Dispenses with calorie sauces .
  • Combines a light protein food, vegetable and a serving of complex carbohydrates and satiating.
  • For dessert: fruit or a skim milk (yogurt, cheese ...).
  • Never dine pre-cooked. If you are too lazy to make something complex, it is better to opt for a sandwich vegetal.Cena with bread , but only one piece.
  • Salads are a good option, but do not throw everything you find in the kitchen (tuna, nuts, ham, cheese, corn, mayonnaise ...). Take care of the food combination, as salsa is enough with a little olive oil (without watering salad).

Some healthy choices for dinner:

  • Tomato and mozzarella salad + grilled shrimp + salad
  • Spinach saut√©ed with garlic + salmon with lemon yogurt + 1
  • Gazpacho + tortilla tuna + 1 piece of fruit
  • Green salad with tuna + cheese with quince
  • Broccoli cooked with potatoes, carrots and egg-baked apples
  • Asparagus vinaigrette + grilled chicken + 1 piece of fruit

Do you use a light dinner? What are your favorite dishes for the last meal of the day?

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