Friday, August 27, 2010

Tips to ignite the flame in bed

Trucos para encender la llama en la cama

Many times when we started a relationship sex is new and every day is a wonderful and exciting new experience. The problem comes with time many things become routine and we were on the basics. For those days, I bring you some tips to spark back into bed.

Behind the crown of the penis, is an elevated part that separates the top of the bottom portion. Well that's one of the most sensitive areas of that part, because there is the highest concentration of nerves throughout your body. So to play around a bit for that part we can turn the situation fairly.

Another tip is to talk dirty, because it can be very exciting for men and women as well. To do so is to leave aside shyness and start saying only some words and short sentences and clear, you can also ask our boy what he wants to hear.

Having sex in the bath or shower can be a matter for which experience is necessary. It is recommended to use large amounts of water and shower gel a little hotter than usual. The idea is to use the body as a sponge to put the gel on the chest, stomach and legs.

The G spot is for novices, experts are out to Point A. It is an erogenous zone in the arched surface of the front wall of the vagina, which is a little wrinkled and spongy, and is midway between the G-spot and cervix.

Finally it is recommended to have games in bed. Experts advise blindfolding your partner, because it is an incredibly sensual activity for both men and women. This forces us to concentrate on the pleasure of his body because we are not being distracted by visual stimuli.

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