Friday, September 24, 2010

The dandy of the music also choose to Kate Moss


Crazy has been a happy to see that Brian Ferry, the English dandy music, authentic Lord of the scenarios, debut album. As expected, the cover I found the most exquisite and elegant with a touch 80's chasing Brian and Roxy Music, whether intended or insconciente know.

But the surprise came from the hand of his protagonist! Is Kate Moss!. I did not expect it to be chosen for such task, do not know why and so with their eyes on the chin did not recognize.! Beautiful!

Congratulations to both. From here my suggestion: Please also rescuing Robert Palmer and retrieve his video "Simple Irresistible" starring the tops among the tops, Stephanie Seymour and Paulina Porizkova.

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Fendi Spring Summer 2011

Fendi primavera verano 2011

Fendi presented at the Milan Fashion Week spring summer collection 2011! The main novelty is the shirt dresses with long sleeves and as for the bags back to average size, leaving behind the oversize.

Fendi primavera verano 2011

The deer are in fashion

Los ciervos están de moda este otoño invierno 2010 2011

If you've been through the best stores'll notice that we are suffering the "deer attack", this lovely animal print is becoming an essential, what do you think?

Los ciervos están de moda este otoño invierno 2010 2011

Bimba & Lola Necklace

Los ciervos están de moda este otoño invierno 2010 2011

Zara Jersey

Supplements to enhance sexuality

Suplementos para potenciar la sexualidad

Sexuality is part of our everyday life and keep it stable, helps us to improve the rhythms of everyday life, improves mood and makes us feel good, so when we are sexually active, there is no way not to look good.

There are some supplements that can be implemented in the daily diet can help improve our sexuality.

  • L-arginine, is an excellent stimulant and in the case of men, aid to the availability of sperm and can enhance any medical treatment for erectile dysfunction.

  • Ginseng, for both women and men is an excellent sexual stimulant.
  • Damiana and short, damiana leaves and the root-sum are good aphrodisiacs and have beneficial results for those seeking a better life and sexual stimulation.

As for the joint care, much could be said, we must be conscious is that we must always keep them healthy through good nutrition, and working with physical activity, so it does not deteriorate and inconvenience us unhealthy .

Find for it a dietary supplement called glucosamine, which helps the production of cartilage, and is very beneficial to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis. This substance protects and strengthens the joints, relieving pain and encouraging in cases of numbness.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christina Aguilera and 'Royal Desire'

As usual at this time of start to the season and so close to Christmas we could see it as something like a pre-Christmas season, all the celebrities begin to uncover the campaigns that put the face and signature.

If you recently talked about the Beckham's fragrances, now we show you the advertising campña the new fragrance from Christina Aguilera. This is the fifth fragrance launches singer, this time under the name of 'Royal Desire' (Real Desire) and highlight the campaign with a 'Feel Like a Queen "(Feel like a queen).

With a very Marikyn Monroe look, a style that the singer has taken in recent years, Christina appears in a somewhat awkward pose, promoting the perfume will sell for $ 42 U.S..

What do you think the advertising campaign? Would you buy Christina Aguilera's perfume?

David and Victoria Beckham return to the fray with a new spot

One of the most famous couples in the world, composed by footballer David Beckham and singer "?," Designer?, "Famous? Victoria Beckham returns to the fray with a hot spot to promote her new perfume called 'Beckham Intimately Yours', which has two lines, male and female.

The Beckhams were married back in 1999 and since then have been in the spotlight in all media, especially in the tabloids.

Have been the face of several ad campaigns and some years ago decided to launch her own signature perfume.

While Victoria Beckham is one way in the world of fashion and Beckham continues his football career did not put aside their careers as models and status of superstars.

With 'Beckham Intimately Yours' the couple intended Capata the essence of the passion of their relationship and so the spot captures intimate moments racy between the couple. We leave the spot.

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The skin in winter

The readers of Trendencias have seen so Spring-Summer 2011 collection I do not want to lose sight of the approaching autumn with great strides. Even the winter. The great collections of Pasarela Cibeles will have to wait and while you concentrate on the care of the skin in winter.

That's what we work on sweeping , from the care for our skin before going to bed until morning cleaning with bread or oatmeal Uriage dermatological as , for example.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Serena Williams and many more guests attended the parade of Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker in the parade of Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2011

One of the most anticipated shows of Fashion Week in London, and one of the busiest woman parade Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2011. So the front row were invited to the high stand: Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chun, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Donna Air, Cat Deeley, Aaron Paul, Eason, Douglas Booth, Gwilym Gold, Poppy Delevigne, Philip Green were among guests.

Sarah Jessica Parker grabbed everyone's attention. And is that where the actress goes perfect styling is assured. Look very cute and a fully autumn, Sarah chose a lace skirt, fashion fabric, with ruffles in a golden brown, combined with a very beautiful coat with fabric Fitted trench. and several buttons, a touch of military style I love, love that jacket! As accessories, shoes and purse strings rosewood. Everything from Burberry Prorsum.

Juanjo Oliva in Spring-Summer 2011 Pasarela Cibeles

Juanjo Oliva spring 2011

While most designers are turning to white and nude for the upcoming Spring-Summer 2011, Juanjo Oliva is distinguished with an explosion of color, who is not afraid to mix pink and red, fuchsia with green, red or blue sky . Pairs to marry much better than expected.

Juanjo Cibeles celebrates 10 years in reviewing their most desired and again women fall in love with that style, but inspired by a strong, independent woman. His designs embrace get a woman's body draped, asymmetrical necklines and fabrics fall.

The futuristic touch they put the colored plastic straps.

Tape wool turban

Cinta turbante

Here's another trend of autumn winter 2010/2011, the tape turban! The truth is that in terms of fittings and accessories this season I think I will not bore you, there are many options!

Cinta turbante
Zara and already have a very nice price: € 9.99.

Cinta turbante
These tapes turbans of Kling .

Roger Vivier The celebrities chosen for their additions on the red carpet


In recent times we see that the firm Roger Vivier is in fashion thanks to the celebrities. And the fact is that choosing your supplements on the red carpet, is becoming fashionable Parisian firm.

The last to wear sandals signature was Julia Roberts in the Festival of San Sebastian. The actress chose the sandals Super Croisee to collect the prize Donostia 2010. A design in black satin, also available in leather with animal print pony leopard and python and satin in shades of gold.

In the past, Toronto Festival of several actresses have also complements Roger Vivier look on the red carpet, and also repeated. Want to see them?

Retro Bags Stradivarius (winter 2010 autumn 2011)

Bolsos retro de Stradivarius (otoño invierno 2010 2011)
I have very good looking Stradivarius these bags are the new collection Fall / Winter 2010/2011 . They look a little to the doctor bags !

Bolsos retro de Stradivarius (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

In black and I do not like much ...

What do you think?

The necks of Fall 2010

Tendencias otoño invierno 2010 2011

This autumn winter 2010/2011 necks will be the stars of your looks. Whether in dresses or shirts with original neck , or the bib necklaces or neck. They are a very special touch that gives any stylist!

Collared dresses and shirts from Zara bobo

Tendencias otoño invierno 2010 2011

Tendencias otoño invierno 2010 2011

Bobo collared shirts Pull & Bear

Los cuellos del otoño 2010

Neck and bib necklaces Zara

Tendencias otoño invierno 2010 2011

Asos Necks

Los cuellos del otoño 2010

The best collection of Cybele. Teresa Helbig


Or so says the L'Oreal award with which it has been awarded. The designer was already in the mouths and ears of the corridors fashionista for several seasons, and it seems that the next Summer 2011 has been the hatching. Is Teresa Helbig, as Spring-Summer 2011 has not only been awarded but also applauded wildly.

The 70 have been their source of inspiration, continuing the trail left by Italian and French, and Jane Birkin and Marissa Berenson his muses.

Parfois accessories (winter 2010 autumn 2011)

Accesorios de Parfois, otoño invierno 2010 2011

The trends in accessories for this fall winter 2010/2011 are several : animal print handbags, the wool hats , the scarves with floral print, the boots with heels and laces , the boots with fur , floral patterns, designs bags retro

Accesorios de Parfois, otoño invierno 2010 2011

Care for dehydrated and dry

Cuidados para pieles deshidratadas y secas Dry or dehydrated skin can occur at any stage of life, women because of different hormonal changes that we sometimes have this type of isolated events.

These processes are part of the natural effects of over the years, especially when we began to notice a biological aging that further accentuates the menopause.

To treat dehydrated or dry skin, it is necessary to perform a proper cleaning without aggression, they must be special care and later washed moisturize and hydrate appropriate.

Non-aggressive cleaning can be carried out daily with plain soap and warm water, peels can be used for natural sponges or brushes that are not the same as exfoliating with abrasive, but remember that we care for the skin to restore hydration natural. After washing should be dried thoroughly and moisturize.

Wetting is best done after bathing and moisturizers to help restore water loss that is hurting the skin (lipids and natural moisturizers) to retain it.

There are many treatments on the market also help us to moisturize the skin retain water, so be sure to see which is most recommended for your case.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Military coats (fashion fall winter 2010 2011)

Abrigos militares (moda otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Military style is back this autumn winter 2010/2011 ! In the shelters the military takes a lot of double-buttoned, dark tones and marking waist. What I like about this model is that warm feeling very well and is very versatile genius is both a masculine look to a lady, both with stilettos, and boots or Blucher.

Fall Trends: 10. Long Skirt

We are still reviewing the trends of this fall in which we are entering these days.

If the skirt and long dresses have been one of the basic parts of this summer, in autumn nothing is going to be different. The catwalks of fall / winter long skirts came Full of all styles: steam, boho, straight, classic, with flight ...

Endless possibilities for this elegant and feminine clothing to combine as you like and as our interest. Dries Van Noten and Ralph Lauren suggested we combine them with top sport-style markup for day to day, while D & G proposed to us with your perfect winter fat jeerseis point après-ski.

Kenzo offers us a more casual look boho, while Michael Kors look is minimalist, very noventero and reminds us a lot to Calvin Klein.

Are you willing to wear skirts and dresses too long in winter?

Emma Watson, Tree People image

British actress Emma Watson has become an iconic fashionistas, after he became famous by her character Hermione Granger in the series 'Harry Potter'.
Since then he has been the face of Burberry Prorsum and other advertising campaigns for fashion and is seen in the front rows of the shows most acclaimed of the Fashion Weeks.

For some time, Emma Watson is creative consultant of the firm People Tree, a fashion that is respectful to the environment that coincides with the environmental concerns of the very young Emma Watson. The actress has also starred in his campaign for this fall 2010.
It has now come to light a promotional video of the collection of the Fair Trade mark for next spring. This collection, ensures a fair price for their clothes and their profits are for charity.
In the video, a mature Emma Watson wears his new shingle, which is setting trends and serves as a good example for all young people who admire her.
What do you think that so young and famous actors like Emma Watson cooperate in such initiatives?

Windows 7 Tips

Windows 7 Tips

Sara Pollock's style in presenting Pantene

Sara Pollock's style in presenting Pantene

I know many of you do not like Sara Carbonero, but this girl is news and I think their style deserves a mention in Trendencias. Additionally, this look is cute.

If a few days ago we saw the first pictures of the presenter as the face of Pantene , today we have pictures of the presentation. The sports journalist chosen for the occasion a nude color gown by Herve Leger. A mini-dress with short sleeves at the elbow, very ajustadito the body, true to the Leger designs.

Peep toes shoes as footwear Ursula Mascaro a nude color with Swarovski detail, platform and heel. A design of the Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 already show you a few weeks ago, inspired by the movie Sex and the City.

Finale of the Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

After six days of saturation fashionable and trendy, the Pasarela Cibeles place your order. Before Berhanyer Elio parade, one of the most anticipated designers, the Awards were handed L'Oreal de la Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Presented by the top Almudena Fernandez this year's awards were for the designer Teresa Helbig, Best Collection, and the Basque Alazne Bilbao, just 19 years, the best model.

At 81 years and with an impressive career in the fashion world, Elio Berhanyer continues to surprise in each parade. Elegance and glamor are the main themes of each of their designs. where the dresses are the highlight of the entire sample. A collection inspired by nature and a distinguished and extremely feminine woman.

How do you know one of my favorite colors is red, and this post is open to the design that I found most beautiful of the entire collection. A stunning red strapless dress, skirt and tail ending ruffled layers. Beautiful!

Reach the desired Louboutin The Outnet

louboutin entry

We're in luck, the younger sister of Net-a-porter, The Outnet has included in its list of desired products designer shoes Christian Louboutin. This site, which I recommend to those who did not had some knowledge, content updated weekly, with some pieces from previous seasons when they reach a more attractive price for our pockets.

The arrival of the Louboutin to The Outnet has been a success. A huge success is no longer available stock. But do not worry, you can always sign up for the list for when your number or take a look each week to news of the website and be quick at paying.

Blogs and fashion cocktail


Why not, Cibeles and all its intricacies are the protagonists of the blogs this week. But unlike the chronic dull obliquely reflected in some posts encotramos before / after, the inside / outside have always wanted to know. Mai style on the street for example is fifth in turmoil sable and shows us in his post something priceless for those you can not attend, some very good shots of backstage- with which delve into the bowels of the case.

My dear Beatriz De Heels and Bags also talks about fashion, regularly interspersed with great cultural criticism, in this occasion of the signature on the dot, whose creations have left me stunned the truth. Cibeles are not but could be.

Eva Longoria's look at the Gala Par Coeur, takes the snaps

Eva Longoria George Rech at the Gala Par Coeur

You know that the style of Eva Longoria, I love it! But in all his appearances and I think that hits a high note. How I would like to see her dressing room! You have to be impressive.

The final look of the actress has been in the fashion capital, Paris. There has attended the Gala Par Coeur with an elegant and stylish mermaid cut dress Georges Rech. A strapless design, hyper adjusted, which is a dominant female (and she may mark), and the whole assemblage, a trends of this winter and we saw their first signs in the summer. The golden bronze color lace, perfect for the night, on a
silk lining.

As accessories, diamond earrings teardrop for my taste does not hit you with this dress, and a watch in gold. Another error, because for such galas of be not to show off the clock, although some are like bracelets, but this is not the case.