Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beauty Tips XCXX

The skin in winter

The readers of Trendencias have seen so Spring-Summer 2011 collection I do not want to lose sight of the approaching autumn with great strides. Even the winter. The great collections of Pasarela Cibeles will have to wait and while you concentrate on the care of the skin in winter.

That's what we work on sweeping , from the care for our skin before going to bed until morning cleaning with bread or oatmeal Uriage dermatological as , for example.

guest towel-de-

A tip which may surprise some people is still that you use guest towels to rub the face once the skin clean. Evitaréis makeup stains and better hygiene.


After external aggression that our hair has suffered this summer, do not forget to apply this mask as a weekly Elvive Nutri-Gloss L'Oreal , for example. The shampoo that we recommend this week after test is Mandorle Bottega Verde, sweet almond extract .


Speaking of hair, in Cibeles not know if the models wore their hair dyed, a trend at Fashion Week New York but may go all next summer with a look similar.

If those long smooth hair is not what you want right now, try the hot rollers to achieve curls very marked . I prefer me a bun with a sock and two rubbers hair . If you want'll discover more about beauty tips, will return next Thursday.

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