Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogs and fashion cocktail


Why not, Cibeles and all its intricacies are the protagonists of the blogs this week. But unlike the chronic dull obliquely reflected in some posts encotramos before / after, the inside / outside have always wanted to know. Mai style on the street for example is fifth in turmoil sable and shows us in his post something priceless for those you can not attend, some very good shots of backstage- with which delve into the bowels of the case.

My dear Beatriz De Heels and Bags also talks about fashion, regularly interspersed with great cultural criticism, in this occasion of the signature on the dot, whose creations have left me stunned the truth. Cibeles are not but could be.


Continue with the supplements, this time the shoes of the expert hands of the global blogosphere as Patricia, who could not be less pending all self-respecting fashionista event and makes us his story zapateril de Cibeles ,


As does Sylvia Be trendy my friend, essential to keep up and tells how Wednesday! overlap 3 fashion weeks !. I will give a faint, thanks for the warning Sylvia!


White Bcoolbyblan blog away my word and when it was proposed to make his personal chronicle of the parade of Alma Aguilar, thought I read a great post about the parade of lovely and beautiful soul. And to my surprise, Laurel Bis also shows his penchant for soul , with a very proper outfit to be autumn evenings ahead and I certainly recommend it.

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