Thursday, September 23, 2010

Care for dehydrated and dry

Cuidados para pieles deshidratadas y secas Dry or dehydrated skin can occur at any stage of life, women because of different hormonal changes that we sometimes have this type of isolated events.

These processes are part of the natural effects of over the years, especially when we began to notice a biological aging that further accentuates the menopause.

To treat dehydrated or dry skin, it is necessary to perform a proper cleaning without aggression, they must be special care and later washed moisturize and hydrate appropriate.

Non-aggressive cleaning can be carried out daily with plain soap and warm water, peels can be used for natural sponges or brushes that are not the same as exfoliating with abrasive, but remember that we care for the skin to restore hydration natural. After washing should be dried thoroughly and moisturize.

Wetting is best done after bathing and moisturizers to help restore water loss that is hurting the skin (lipids and natural moisturizers) to retain it.

There are many treatments on the market also help us to moisturize the skin retain water, so be sure to see which is most recommended for your case.

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